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At this point Horde is the only thing that has me coming back to this game. Now, the statement can be said that I may suck at multiplayer, but wow is it frustrating sometimes!
I wouldn't worry so much about buying a new unit. You will still have a 3 year warranty against another red ring situation. The most verbal people are the ones having problems, so you will tend to see a higher volume of those on a public forum Get all the cables you need from monoprice.com
...and that 8:1 attachment rate destroys the Wii. Immediate versus sustainability. Xbox will have the cream of the crop when it comes to games selection and developers for a long time yet.
Mike, be glad that there is work to go around bro. Some aren't so fortunate. Hell, I am starting to wonder about my job security and that's crazy. Now that I think about it, my stress level started elevating when I stopped playing at least a few rounds every night! I really have to get back into the "game zone".
Beautiful! Any more pics? How about a couple with the lights on and the obligatory rack shot?
What happened to this thread?? I held so much promise....
I am alread on the Hugh list, but could I be added to the horde list please? Thanks!
Agreed! The initial reviews are solid so far, a 94 from PC gamer UK and 90 from OXBM. Can't wait!
I have to have one.... wow!
Sweet! Great gameplay vids Cysquatch!
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