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Well... you know what they say Substance over size
It definitely flutters. Ill have to bring it down and take a look see I guess. I was really hoping to not go down that road. If it is a spider web, I dont think a vacuum would be enough to get it out (if I could use one).
The more I stared at it last night... it almost looked like a spider web. My unit is ceiling mounted, but has only been in its current location for about 3 months. With the amount of time I watch it, I can't imagine a spider wanting to make a home there??
I have one that showed up on the right side about a week ago. It is out of focus and looks like an out of focus hair. I can only see it on white backgrounds. I tried to suck it out with a regular vacuum and it just moved rapidly like it was stuck. Do you think I should try covering the other vent and using a shopvac?
Any updates here? I have what looks to be a small out of focus hair on the right side of my image. I tried to vaccum it to no avail. It moved rapidly but did not come out. Do you think I can use a shopvac for this? I used my regular vacuum for fear of too much suction.
Hold the phones! I'll be on if you guys will have me back
ooooooh I LIKE! this may be the push I needed to move away from my NSK2400.... tasty! *thanks for the info*
I'm signed up. I hope that the "token lottery" is similar to 4's. Basically allowing everyone to play.
I was disturbed deeply....until I read a comment further down that said "It looks like a commercial for Kohl's" and then I laughed... heartily
*cough* Mediaportal *cough*
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