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When the tech came out to look at it, he said that it was a bad panel, he didn't even try adjusting any of the ribbon cables.
Yes, I plugged the new TV in to the same HDMI cable and same outlet in my Belkin PF-60. So everything was the same. My old TV worked fine in terms of now vertical line, but I tried to get it fixed for he buzzing so they replaced the panel. The "new" panel wasn't 100% working because we actually had to swap the digital board from my TV to the new panel because the one in the new panel had blue and red dots everywhere. Once powered on, the TV appeared to work fine, but later...
Ha, check out my post:http://www.avsforum.com/t/1444770/strange-issue-that-i-am-not-positive-is-100-tv-relatedI just posted about my issues yesterday. Sounds kinda similar.
Nope the line on my TV and this loaner is there every time I power on the TV, even if all inputs are unhooked. Plus, I didn't add any new equipment to the house since the first attempt to fix my TV so it would be really weird for that to all of a sudden be a problem. Not to mention that I have a 32" TV in the bedroom probably 15-20 feet away that works fine and a 42" TV about 15 feet or less the other direction that works fine.I decided to take a chance with my new 42" 3D...
So I have a Samsung PN58B650 that I had the panel replaced under warranty to try and fix the buzzing. So after we got it back together and hooked back up it seemed to work fine, but later that night it developed this thick magenta line from top to bottom (probably an inch wide or so). So the tech said that it needs another new panel, so they actually picked up the TV today to do it at their warehouse rather than in my home. Anyway, the dropped off a loaner (which sucks...
I have this same TV (the 58 inch version though) and I have the buzz. I have the warranty through best buy and they already came out and replaced the power supply thinking that was the issue. It definitely wasn't. So I just had them come out again today to look at it and the guy said that he is pretty sure it is the panel itself but he was going to order the panel and the power supply. So we will see what happens. I wonder if they will actually order the parts of if it...
Don't forget, Dark Souls is one if the games you can't just back up. You have to either be PS+ member and back it up to the cloud or you have to you the transfer utility to go from your old console to the new one.
There is a bonfire behind the drain at the far end of ash lake.
Ok, that is what I thought. Thanks for the confirmation!
Sweet, I just had to sign up for PSN+ for the Cloud service since I traded in my old phat console and needed a way to transfer over my copy-protected game saves. I will definitely be downloading FF V (I will obviously download all of the free ones) but FF V is pretty sweet. This is my first time using PSN+, but if I am correct, since these are offered as free games for PSN+ subscribers, if I decide to not renew next year then I lose access to the free games correct?
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