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Finally got around to watching this and as with others, I had to turn my volume up. I started watching at my usual -11 on the volume but noticed it was a lot quieter than usual. I instantly searched online to see if there was a dialnorm applied to this soundtrack but didn't see anything. I finally found some threads where people said they had to turn the volume up, so I turned it up to -7 and although it was better, it wasn't quite impressive yet. How much higher than...
Alright guys, I need some help... During certain scenes (Valkyrie bomb shelter, Incredible Hulk cannon gun, and a few others) my SVS Ultra 13 was getting overworked. I can hear a crack sound come from the sub. I then turned off Dynamic EQ because I read it boosts bass by +10 db. This solved the problem and now I can play those scenes at the same -10 on the volume without any crack sounds. But now it seems like the bass is weak in many movies. I can tell that my sub is...
Finally watched it last night and while I may not be in the minority in disliking the film, I might be in saying that I was disappointed with the LFE. Picture was amazing, and even the surround action. But I was hoping for more LFE. I even turned the volume up higher than usual. After the movie I replayed the early train crash and ending scenes, but I wasn't impressed. Basically I set Valkyrie as the standard as far as LFE is concerned, so that may be why I'm left wanting...
+1, I wasn't impressed with the LFE either. I was more impressed with the silence.
Thanks guys. I will most likely go with the Aeon mount since I will need it to swivel as much as it can.
Can anyone show me a good wall mount for the 65GT50? I'd like it to extend, tilt, and swivel. Thanks!
So to get the "best" picture I should spin the optical zoom all the way to the "+" sign? I've always wondered about this.
Thanks for the review Ralph. Never saw this one in theaters but am looking forward to it at home with 3D blu. Oh, and you put "Brave" in your final thoughts.
I bought one pair of the baby blue one's and they have been bad. They lose sync every time I use them, even when they're fully charged. I also have the other Sainsonic one's that cost a little more, along with a pair of TrueDepths. I definitely recommend the TrueDepths, it is worth paying more. There might even be a better brand than the TrueDepths that other's have used.
I'm curious too. I recently applied the S&V 3D settings as well. Before that I was just cranking up the saturation for each color to 58, which was suggested by someone in this forum to bring out the colors. I thought it looked fine to me. But if someone has a better suggestion, then I'd like to know. (2D as well.) I have a July 2013 build if that matters.
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