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got one today. having trouble finding a good source on setting up an external drive for extra space, or for that matter even recording direct to laptop for the extra space. any pointers? thanks. (and here's something interesting: they gave me a samsung for the 2nd room that will not output via hdmi, and the tech insisted component rgb is just as good. oh, someone gets an interesting phone call next chance i get.)
thx very much for detailed response, definitely going to look into this more closely. amid all the outdated/conflicting info out there i hadn't seen a good argument for hfs+ are you ripping w- handbrake?
Lot of outdated and conflicting info floating around so plz help. Got brand new xBox 360 (says 'Kinect ready' so it's not too old) as a thank you for some above-and-beyond work by a family member. Haven't even taken it out of the box yet. We aren't gamers so ... Want to use the xBox to watch movies and TV shows we already own on DVD by ripping them to a 1tb or bigger external hard drive. From what I can gather, here's what it seems I need to do (with questions I still...
Any expansion to Winter Garden/Windermere area yet? Moving there soon and really don't want BHN after we relocate.
Could use a pointer... have searched for 20 minutes and couldn't find topic addressed for my Philips DVDR3575H... I have Bright House cable (time-warner subsidiary) and a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250HDC Hi-Def box with Firewire 1394 output. I am attempting to use my Philips 3575 to record HD-tier channels that I can't tune without box. Running a Firewire from the box to the DV input on the front of the 3575 (I connected while both were powered on), I get...
looks nice, but i can't get as low a price on that right now.
j&r (better return policy) and buy.com (best price)
Just because there's some other gear I'd rather have. Overall, I've been pleased. Plusses: + Nice surround, considering it's one speaker. Scene in Spider-Man put a scream way off to the right of my great room, for instance, + Decent bass. Not too much, just right. + Solid for sporting events, which is my main concern. + Versatile mounting ability. Minuses, though: -- Not much better than a 5-year-old Philips stereo I used to rig up. Improvement, yes. Vast...
I need a 37" set for my master bedroom, no bigger. Don't want to spend much. I have found a Vizio model in my price range but am wooed by two Toshiba models that, thanks to current sales, are comparably priced: -- the 37AV500U at a brick-and-mortar retailer -- the 37CV510 Regza at my choice of two online retailers I like the easy returnability of a b+m retailer if something goes wrong. But I know the Regza has the better picture. Third choice is to keep...
you rock, dude. i've got this bookmarked and use it more often than the manual itself. thanks very much!
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