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Matt Ryan will be your PS3 cover.
Ended up getting the Denon 2308 last weekend. Night and day difference than what I had before. It's like I got a whole new set of speakers.
Follow up question....should I worry about the TrueHD and DTS-MA codecs on this receiver. I'm mostly watching Bluray's via PS3. If the PS3 ends up being able to decode these, will that be valuable to have in my reciever, or will the PCM sound virtually the same? I've somewhat narrowed my choices down the the Yamaha 661, HK 347, or the Onkyo 705. The Denon 2808 looks good, but is a little out of my price range. I'm looking to spend 500-700. Also, is there a...
William Wallace says you're full of shart.
I'm looking to upgrade my receiver to one with HDMI since I'm running an Elite and PS3. My speaker set is the Klipsch Synergy F-3's, C-2, S-2's and a SUB-12. What is a good reciever that would be strong enough to push the F-3's? I'm also considering upgrading my center to the C-3 if it would make a difference.
Not sure, but I believe that they will eventually be getting rid of them. Just tell your wife that all of your SD DVD's will play in the HD-DVD player upscaled, and that you're the bread winner so she should STFU. (maybe not that last part)
It's not a combo. It's a 2-disc special edition.
So much stroking around here I thought I was at a teenage boy convention of the Alba Fan Club. Just had to check the vibe a lil bit. Carry on..
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