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Do you think I can use my current Samsung TR50X3B DLP stand for the 73" WD-73738 with the tv hanging out on each side? Max weight on top shelf is 100lbs. Right now there is a Samsung DLP 56" weighting 70lbs plus a Center Channel Speaker on top of it weighting 25lbs so the total is roughly 95lbs on its top shelf. I am space limited to my current setup and that's why I want to use the same stand if possible. Of course, I am going to have to hang the center channel on top...
Found out the Samsung TR50X3B holds 100lbs max on the top, so do you think I can pull off a 73738/73838 on it with the sides hanging over the side? Basically its like this one that holds 125lbs but smaller side to side. dja2k
Does anyone think I can pull off using a Samsung TR50X3B stand to hold the WD73738 as far as weight and size? I know that the sides are going to be hanging which is no problem. dja2k
I am not to concerned about looks as that is the setup I have now, but I want to know if I can use the Omnimount on the 65738. People say it will interfere with picture. If I can't mount it on top, I would consider the 73738 and put the center on a speaker stand in front of my TV instead. dja2k
I wanted to order the 65738 but I don't have anywhere to mount the center speaker yet, but do you think the OmniMount would work on it? If it didn't, I would have to mount it on top from the wall. Other concerns are that my current Pinnacle stand weight limit, but since my current Samsung TV weights 71lbs and its holding my center @ 25lbs totaling around 96lbs, I think it would hold the 65738 nicely with or without the center on top if possible. dja2k
Hey guys, I decided to place an order for the WD65738 after all. What is a good price range on it so I won't regret ordering it right now. Also I use a Panasonic DMP-BD85K Blu-Ray, an Xbox 360 Slim, a PC (ATI Video Card), and an Onkyo TX-SR608 that handles all the HDMI connections. So hopefully with what I use, I don't have problems. dja2k
Thanks! I read that the casing on the 65" are less flimsy than the 73", but maybe not even the 65" will handle my 25lbs Center. Anyone here with the 65738 have a large center and if so, how did you mount it? I better start looking for alternative mounting for my center.dja2k
The LSDA1004 code if still valid at Electronics Expo (coupon still works @ checkout) saves you $1,032.00 off 73838 for a total of $1,767.00. All other models unfortunately have a shipping fee added to them which kills the deal.dja2k
You guys think I can pull off this setup on the 73" putting my center on top? I wonder if my current Samsung stand can hold the 73". I am sure it will hold the 65" and just have some of it come off the sides. My current Samsung HL-S5688W spec says it weights 71.1lbs and the Mitsubishi WD-65738 says it ways 69.4lbs and WD-65838 is 71.7lbs. Seems if I don't want to spend more money on a stand and features, my best bet is going for a 65738. dja2k
Best I found was $1500.00 shipped for the WD-65838. I don't know if I should just get the WD65738 if they offer a way lower price. Also wonder if Dark Detailer, PerfectColor, PerfecTint, and ISFccc Advanced Video Adjustments are worth the price difference between the 738 and 838. As far as the sound bar, sub out etc, I don't really need.dja2k
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