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http://www.nicollpr.com/ROTEL/Files/...ss_Release.pdf Jaw Dropping!
Partsexpress.com Spades, pins, bananas etc.
Still waiting for the red + white vans to arrive in northern foster (rt. 101 - rt. 94 intersection). Is there a greenlight on the horizon??? Impatiently waiting with dial-up.
My Vip722 is suggesting (via on-screen message) that I connect a phone line to the unit to avoid a $5.00 monthly charge. What are the real intentions behind this connection?
I'll second that.. Yay or nay Artwood?
hometheatermag.com has not refreshed its homepage at the moment. Below are the findings, listed in the article, pertaining to the SCS4 system which was accompanied by a single SS1 subwoofer. I can quote from the article "sonic sorcery" (pertaining to the seamless intergration of five SCS4's). Highlights include... "Thiel's radical, yet altogether elegant design yields extraordinary sound quality". "Stunning furniture-grade cabinetry". Build...
Thanks for sharing those pics! Your integration of the Nad with what appears to be a Kuro is a thing of beauty. Stunning too are those metallic dimples or what engineers prefer to call "rigid-surface-technology".
Like all of you forum members posting within the "high road" anticipation forum, I took an instant liking to the XBR5. As a result, I pre-ordered this set in early September and remained cautiously optimistic it would see the light of day. Some of you may recall my previous posting which sonystyle informed me of the release date (Jan.11th). This posting was immediately backed by another forum member who also received a call from sonystyle. A message left on my...
"We have an updated status for your order; the KDSZ70XBR5 70" BRAVIA XBR series SXRD Rear Projection HDTV, has a new estimated ship date of 1/31/08. We deeply regret the postponed schedule but it is neessary to ensure that the product meets your highest standards and expectations". Received via e-mail from sonystyle. Oddly...earlier that day I received a call from sonystyle (as did another forum member) indicating 1/11/08 to be the release date. Again, I repeat...
Sorry Joe, I did not question them on that. Perhaps a call to sonystyle 877-518-7669 could provide some answers.
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