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laugsbach, That was fantastic write up/review! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on how they compared to the other transducers/shakers and Bosso’s room. Thank you for taking the time to do this!
Excellent write up! Thanks for sharing.
These pics are awesome!How did everything go?I’d be interested in what you and the other folks that stopped by thought of each speaker.If there’s a separate thread somewhere with everyone’s input, please post a link to it.Thx,Claude
Congrats! Really looking forward to your impressions and how you think they compare to your previous shakers/transducers.
Its possible.I have a Seaton SubMersive and an Anti-mode 8033 too. There was 2 times in the past 3-4 years that I turned off the Antimode using the toggle switch on the Antimode device. I did this when I was moving the SubMersive to different positions in the room. A few seconds after I powered everything back on, I also flipped the 8033 toggle switch to the on position, the SubMersive gave such a loud thump it scared the crap outta me – my head was about 3ft from one...
I am on the East Coast and Crowson is located on the West Coast. I had the most luck reaching Randolph over the phone after 3pm EST. He also has answered all of my emails with thoughtful responses. I agree with the others here and will say that the Crowsons will always have a place in my little HT. They add a lot to the HT experience and, to me, feel very realistic.
Kbarnes, This is the cable Mark recommended to me for the Hp+ master/slave: http://m.markertek.com/product/detail/http:%7C%7Cwww.markertek.com%7Cmobile%7CAudio-Equipment%7CSpeakers%7CSpeaker-Cables%7CTecNec%7CNSP4-3.xhtml You can order it in different length.
Stupid question but did you check to make sure you did not push the Mute/Pgm1 button on that amp on the non working F2? It should be in the in position and is located right above the Pgm2 button.
Most folks use bitstream in the bluray player and let the avr decode.When I mentioned that the Blackhawk Down bluray disk defaults to Dolby Digital 5.1, I was talking about that specific disk itself -not the Lpcm/bitstream settings in the bluray player. You can go into the audio menu of that particular disc and change it from "English DD 5.1" to "English uncompressed PCM" or "French 5.1". It's been a while but I thought I remember the English Pcm track on that disc was a...
It does default to DD 5.1 but you may want to go into the menu and change it from DD 5.1 to Uncompressed PCM 5.1. There may be a slight improvement there.
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