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Is it normal for the 105 to be unable to playback avi video files from my camera? If so how do you convert to something it can play?
Watch an episode of Game of Thrones last night with iautotrons settings. I don't wish to ruffle any feathers but I didn't care for the way it looked and reverted back to Home Theaters'. Just didn't look like film to me.
Watch 3 movies last night with Home Theaters' settings. I thought they looked fine. Will try one of the hot rod settings today.
So it's generally agreed here that c/net and Home Theater settings are too reserved? Smooth motion doesn't give it the "soap opera effect"?
One of the most awesome blu ray players on the planet. I'm big into music so the 105 was for me. Their 103 looks just as good, just doesn't have the rot rod analog section.
Just got a new Oppo 105 too, this is gonna be fun to play with.
Wow! the numbers are all over the place! Coming from a Panasonic plasma with guru recommended settings I was amazed at my son in laws' Vizio. I'm trying for more "pop" and "wow" factor without overly cartoonish, over saturation or just plain wrong skin tone etc. I'll have it tomorrow night an try some of these settings.
That's quite different than Home Theater Mag's settings but I'll give them a try, thanks!
Ok! Who's got the most kick-ass settings I can print out? c/net? Thanks!
My 105 is on the Fedex truck to be delivered today. Will it have the latest firmware?
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