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1) Reguarding pricing etc - 80% or more of most MSOs billing is paying for the cost we pay for re-transmission consent etc - So chances are if you're getting the same channels you'll probably pay just about as much. Furthermore, in markets with IPTV (which is really what u-verse is) and FIOS - all video services are now governed by the same state-wide franchise agreement - so you're going to pay the same franchise fees reguardless of who you're with (in the same...
you might have some luck - lately we've had more moxi than 6416, so usually unless there's a signal issue that gives the moxi a hard time, we tend to put moxi in
When Moto DVRs first came out and Charter didn't jump on, I wondered what was up... then we went moxi and I knew what was up. You are right on that one... just like in the early Pipeline days when we used HSI for provisioning... their service was horrible but because they were under Vulcan Ventures, we HAD to use them. Fortunately (or unfortunately for HSI) after too many shots in the foot, they went under anyway and we moved on. To a degree I see the beginning of this...
I think Koolkid hit it on the nose - There's a simple fix for this - Apply a small piece of masking tape over the IR emitter on the end of the remote - this will filter the light just enough to help it out.
I believe there is another wave just before the end of the year, but I'm not 100% certain of it. However I do know for the Ashville market they'll be migrating to TV Guide A25 on the boxes in the next month or so - this will resolve alot of DVR recording issues as well as some VOD issues.
Ironically yesterday I got whispers from a contact in St Louis who works with someone who's got a beta 3012 (Don't get hopes up, so far it seems only a few elite managers and tech ops people in St Louis have gotten to beta this unit) Apparently it's still got quite a few bugs, which I think is very odd, given really all they needed to do was improve on the existing hardware and leave the software alone. At any rate I don't expect to see them in 2 weeks, heck at the rate...
yep, any digital tuner has the ability to adjust it's power level to clear up the picture (think of auto tuning on a VCR) but they only go up... so if the problem gets fixed, you've got to power-cycle or reset the unit to start back at the lowest levels
There are ways around it, Fiber is likely to be ip-based TV, which is most of what the Telcos are looking into going into - unlike traditional models where all channels are pushed down and you tune to the frequency you want to see, the box will only stream the video requested to the ip requested. It holds alot of promise, however you're also looking at longer pauses between channels etc. And of course each TV would require a IP to Video conversion box. Other possible...
Good deal - The box "memorizes" it's route back to the headend as well as the power levels it's had to adjust to get a channel, so frequently power cycling or initializing the box can cause it to reset those values - which often fixes the problem
FSN HD will be hard to catch as it's not a full time channel - you'll have to keep an eye on the web to see when there's going to be content. Unless ASU is pumping out something different in their buildings (which is not hard, they'd just need to block out a specific QAM and replace it with their own) you should be able to get the Music Choices, all the local HDs (plus FSN) and the Digital PBS channels.
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