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Is their a setting in your receiver to enable/disabe the center channel output. Like their is for a sub. If not sorry couldnt help.
My opinion would be the surround speakers over the bookshelfs. My current setup is I'm using the surround speakers. My setup includes f2 front main c2 center and 4 s2 for surrounds. I think they sound great. Well good luck with your decision.
Hey Thanks for the replies everyone. I couldnt figure out my problem so I called and talked to someone at Denon. It was a quick fix to my problem. I just thought I would let you all know what the deal was. When you switch inputs with the quick select buttons they also keep settings such as channel levels and volume, as well as change inputs. So all I had to do was choose input change the sub level I wanted and press and hold that quick select button for 3 seconds and it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lyuokdea what do you mean by this? I just connected them by a wire - it seems to work fine? Or is this bad? Thanks, ~Lyuokdea If you have the metal pieces between the 2 sets already just connect speaker and your ready. If not,Take two pieces of short speaker wire. Take one can connect it to the bottom positive post, and the other end connect to the top positive terminal. Then take other piece of speaker wire,...
Yep Under Auto Setup, then Parameter Check it shows Speaker Config Check, under here it shows Large. Chanel Level Check it shows sub at-12 . Crossover Freq. Front Full, Center 80, Surround 60 and S. Back 80. So anything I put in Manual will override the Audyseey information. If I leave Menu. Hit Ch Level on Remote it shows the sub as -12 after I shut off receiver and turn back on. So why would it be doing that if I manually entered a level. Thanks for your help!
I believe they should have a metal tab or piece that connects the 2 positives,and 2 negatives. If not just connect some speaker wire between the2 post. and 2 neg. posts.
Alright, Thanks for the reply. I guessing im learning some. What might I be doing wrong with the other problems!! Thanks
Yep i manually enter them after audyseey and hit okay. It takes me back out one level on the menu. The settings stay that way till I shut off receiver. When I turn back on they default back to audyseey settings. Should I be able to change the settings under the auto setup menu after audyseey? Under the Manual setup it shows my speakers as all small, but under auto setup it shows my fronts as large. Thanks for any more help. Sorry Im a newbie to all this stuff. I have read...
Thanks for replies. Now you say to turn gain all the way up. I have read to turn it down if it was at max cut -12 and turn it up if at max boost +12 . Or do I got it backwards. Im a newbie at this stuff.
Im hitting the menu button on remote, then under the manual setup I change the settings. Under the Auto setp I can view the settings audyssey set but cant change them. Under the Manual setup, I can adjust to what I want. The settings will remain that way till I shut off. Then when I turn it back on everything is back to the audyssey settings.
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