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Congrats. Well deserved. My first ever screen was a sheet of WA DW. Glad it's still being used for screens.
Not sure I want to own this yet, but will definitely rent. Leo & Scorsese is always worth a look for me.
Tux, I have the Moleskin screen (not very AT per your tests). So my speakers are still exposed.I have parts for 2x TD12M that I will build, and the 1099 would sit between them.
My curiosity as well. I watched it in 2D, and the video seems pretty good. Not great, but certainly no where near bad.Now, I really want a 1099 center.
Couldn't agree more. I absolutely loved that movie. Another favorite of mine from South Korea is "Old Boy". Excellent cinematography and acting, with a strange twist. I must say, Old Boy is the best I've seen out of South Korea, along with the "Sympathy" series.Looks like I must add Commitment to my Asian cinema collection.Thanks Ralph for bringing this movie to our attention.
That's one bad ass set up. The center is very intimidating. Looks great.
Bought my W1070 from Amazon. Always liked their customer service and fast delivery.
Sorry, I've been too busy enjoying my TV to reply to your post.I suggest you do the same Btw, I browsed through that PN5700 owner post and have yet to see a calibrated measurement by the owners around here.
I wouldn't say the the F8500 is junk. Oh how I wish I had $3k to waste.
Some very sensitive girly men around here I see. Please go back and read my posts before you offer your own commentaries.Had I ever said Samsung was way better than LG? Had I ever said LG sucks? If you can't answer Yes to any of those questions, please refrain from jumping to conclusions.Early reviews on the LG were not "stellar", which mean people were not raving about it like it's the best panel in its class. Is it a good value for its price? I am sure it probably...
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