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Erich H has pm DIY Sound Group boot camp will soon be in session
The E-Wave Delite cabinets are listed over on Erich's site http://www.diysoundgroup.com/forum/index.php?topic=302.new#new
bwaslo has e-mail
A note: The BA 750 has been referred to as having a 3" diaphragm. The BA 750 actually has a 2" diaphragm. Some of the typos in reference to it remain to be corrected.
Amen. The times Zilch did employ drama are memorable...drama can serve a purpose just as any tool...often the intent was to put a stop to the drama.Erich, continue the quest. Thank You for your service.More data, less Wank.
Erich delivers A pair of Iwata 600 arrived at my door this morning. I'll be scheming up a cabinet for the AE TD15M which will work with them. The other woofers in the shipment appear to be in good shape.
My TD15M arrived today. Thanks
I am awaiting notification on my pair of TD15M as well. Anyone else?
This reminds me of an effort to herd cats...that didn't go very well either.
I am married so my "big" system is banished to the man-cave. It is/will be a work in progress. I opt for the Iwata 600.BA750 in handIwata 600 pendingAE TD15M per the group buy...
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