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That pillar is over 100 years old, it isn't exactly something I put there ala interior decorating but much like many things in my unit, it adds a lot of character so no need to act like the room would be a lot better if it looked more like a beer commercial. I'll measure the distance between the couch and the TV when I'm back home again, but so far I'm hearing "maybe 50" if it's this but 55" could also work if you do this" .
At the moment a "51" " Samsung Plasma is in there, but ignore that because it's on its way out. So basically, I am exchanging it for either a 50" or a 55" . Now, I am one of those rare users who doesnt always feel bigger is better. Basically I am concerned that 55" may be too big, but I'm really not sure. I attatched a few pictures of the room as well.
Well considering the ST30's are already out and the GT30 manual is up for download, and no one has read this anywhere, I would say putting it in the manual is not a likely possibility.
So does this mean that the GT30's are arriving finally with all this stuff cropping up? Also, I if the VT has a slightly better filter and the ST and GT are different, why does the GT have better blacks than the ST? Has anyone actually explained this yet?
This is in reference to the 8 bit 12 bit processing, although Dnice came in later and said it's been 12 for a while. Regardless, was the rumor that only the VT had this bump, or all the sets? Because if it was only the VT then it wouldnt really make sense that the ST and GT would benefit...you know...if they dont have it.Was this always the procedure? Or did it change last year? Because I always thought you lower said settings when doing the burn in, not torch it.I think I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tallen234 Exactly. I am torn between the 59d8000 and the 55vt30. I have never felt unwelcome at the other site. In fact, the majority of the folks pushed me to the d8000 because of the size difference. Maybe because for me I am very appreciative of even a 50" (although the 51d7000 I just got, for a rare change for me, does seem surprisingly small seeming), but I dont find this extra inch thing, or the bigger sizing...
Can we answer the question in normal speak rather than cryptology and vague net-riddle?
why is it "forbidden" anyway? that seems like a touchy subject....
This is something I'm curious about as well (the delay, not the radiation contamination). However, many weeks before the crisis even happened, I had not only heard they were on their way, but they frankly were supposed to be, so if they are delayed, said delays already were happening before the tsunami hit.
I think I know why the floating blacks (and possibly the rising blacks) may have been taken care of. Read this article: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-...l?tag=untagged Now, I think some of that is BS, like it stating the GT and ST are exactly the same outside of THX and VGA, but whatever. Focus on the fact that all of Panasonics TV's 55" and up will not conform to the new Energy star standard. Now first off, how often do they come out with a new Energy...
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