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David, thank you so much for sharing your experience! I'll probably still have to go check it out at the local Sony Store, but knowing it will work with prescription eye-wear is big (diopter adjustment wouldn't help folks like me who also have astigmatism). Even at $800, this unit seems like a worthwhile investment. If SonyStyle's October 26 date can be believed, I may be playing Uncharted 3 in 3D after all
New Marantz NR1601 looks very good -- slim, reasonably powerful, and -- unlike Sherwood AVR mentioned on previous page -- supports upconversion, 3D, 1.4a, and standby passthrough. It's very new, so the only review I've come across is at CNET -- http://reviews.cnet.com/av-receivers...ml?tag=rvwBody
The TVs seem kind of like '09 models and still don't have built-in 3D. I guess, it'll get more exciting whenever they reveal the converter box...
It appears that they will be using a checkerboard pattern to deliver half of the resolution to each eye, so they won't do full 1080p to each eye. Checkerboard signal will be output by a converter box whose specs, AFAIK, haven't been disclosed yet, so we don't know which input formats it will work with. P.S. One can really tell how low DLPs are on the totem poll by comparing Panny 2010 thread to this one.
Press release seems to indicate that soundbar models will be able to act as center channel and (or?) output to surrounds and subwoofer, so maybe not all that bad for those that don't want to mess with an AVR. Not all soundbars are bad. Personally, I consider Sony HT-CT100 an awesome bedroom system because it's like a mini-receiver too What I'd really like to know, are details on 3D converter boxes. There were rumors that 2010 models would have 3D built-in, but it looks...
I'm moving to a house where I'l have a pick of Comcast, DirecTV and Dish and will simultaneously be upgrading my old set to 3D-capable TV. While Comcast has a very good line-up and it'd be easier to set-up a whole house solution (HTPC with Ceton tuners), they need to voice their 3D HDTV plans more strongly as it seems DirecTV is the one who's pushing the envelope (plus, they do have better-looking HD content, it seems).
So do I understand it correctly that, as of now, DirecTV is the best provider to go to for 3D content? Comcast MAY get ESPN 3D, but it looks like DirecTV is the one pushing the envelope. I'm moving from an apartment to a house so I can choose between Comcast, DirecTV, and Dish. I will also be upgrading my old CRT TV set to a top of the line 3D-capable one (thankfully, all 3D sets will be good 2D sets too). Probably going to wait until May-June until more sets come out...
BB/Magnolia only has 50" VT20 for now and 54" VT20 coming down the line. VT20 is a BB exclusive, but the general VT25 will be available in 50" & 54" (ETA not 100% confirmed, but rumored to be a few weeks) and then 58" and 65" (no official release dates either, late-May or June seem to be the commonly received responses).
Darn! And I was about to put in a pre-order b/c the seller told me July 2008 release. Oh, well, I guess I'll have to live awhile longer without a scaler for my TiVo.
Kapone, because most every network has its own streaming video site (i.e. not everything is on Hulu), it would be great if you could create some sort of a one-stop interface that would allow navigation by SHOW and not by a streaming site (Hulu, ABC, CBS, CW, etc.). This way people won't have to remember which show is on which site
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