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oh look, they announced a PCI-E version.
I hate to keep going over the same thing again and again, but I do have a question about the device. I have it setup and everything seems to work, but live in 7MC is stuttering and that same issue is evident in the recordings. Should I try a new USB cable? What's the generally accepted troubleshooting path here? The system has no trouble with any video or game I throw at it so far. System: i3-550, 4GB RAM, Ati 5670, 60GB Vertex2 SSD, 32-bit Windos 7 HP, sharky...
Family Guy, especially the earlier seasons are poorly encoded. Try watching something Pixar and see if you get the same effect.
Same card, same issue. Random stuttering during playback. At first I thought it was something to do with running ISOs accross the network, but I have slower PCs that don't stutter during playback and have two PCs play the same iso doesn't cause stuttering either. Wasn't happening in the same PC with my older 3450 card, just with the new 5670 card. BTW, it's on an ASUS P5 board, 2GB ram, Intel 7200, Vista Home Pre, using 10.1 drivers from ATI's site with the Realtek...
Interesting thread. In my case, I can great black levels but a soft picture from TMT 3 and washed out grays but a sharper picture from WMC's default player in Vista. This is going through a Denon 1909 to and Epson 1080UB.
Just got an HIS 5670 (upgrade from a 3450) and am very pleased with the results. I haven't tried bit-streaming, but I am not entirely convinced it will make a noticeable difference versus all the hassle I have read about in this thread. pros: correctly identifies Denon AVR as monitor smooth playback of everything, previously I had issues with 1080p mkvs bluray isos look great through TMT 3 with the latest patch intermittent audio drops, resulting in hum,...
If all you want is to store media on hard drives and share that media out, that's way too much server. BUT, if you want that same system to do things like run Transcode 360 or re-encode hi-def video, then I think you've got a good but pricey system picked out.
Wait, did you rip the disc to ISO or is it actually playing from the DVD drive on a remote machine?
I had a similar issue and the cause was incorrectly set refresh rate. Try specifying 1080p24 or 1080p60 in the CCC.
Isn't it always the case that 30 mins after you finally decide to ask for help you solve it?? Seems that the TMT3 install, or possible the test execution of a Bluray ISO, was setting the ATI display driver to 22Hz. Not 23.97Hz. Not 24Hz. Setting the display to 60Hz, then back to 24Hz fixed it.
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