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Looking for some opinions, I'm in market for a wifi "SMART" Blu-Ray player. I'm basically debating between the current Panasonic Panasonic DMP-BDT210 deal on Amazon vs. the Sony Google TV Blu-Ray Play Sony NSZ-GT1. I could careless about 3D support, I'm mainly wanting a Blu-Ray player that is 'future proof'. I'm leaning towards the GoogleTV because I have a hunch the Android side of it may take off down the road and be superior to what Panny currently offers with...
Yes, I have 2 HDMI ports and tried them both, snow on both. Is this a reparable option or should I sell it and buy new?
Anyone have any suggestions?
I have about a 2yr old Samsung PN50A510 (best buy version of the A550). Until today I've used HDMI, however it suddenly quit working and went to snow. I tried component, and it works. Any ideas what happened to my HDMI and if there is an easy/cheap fix?
sweet - which Sonos model is this? I have a pre-wired house for 5 zones, Cat5 throughout. My wireless router is in my Media Room next to my Receiver. So this would work well. I'm guessing a N router is better for this?
do you have to run wire from all 4 computers to the Sonos? how does that setup work?
So I need Fiber running into each room, not just to Garage hub? Cat 5 isn't good enough?
My home has Cat5 throughout - what is best solution? I have a hub in garage that Fiber runs into(this will soon switch over to Uverse). From that Hub Cat 5 Runs from Switch to all rooms in the House. Currently I'm sending the Internet Feed to just one outlout and running a wireless Router there. Everything else is getting a DirecTV signal(again soon to be Uverse) Can I set something like this up in my Movie Theater where I have a PS3 and play Blu-Rays off it in...
oh, duh. I was thinking the Cat5 sent the Audio back to media room. Whats Cat5 for? Mega-data? think I'll look for a deal on a used system, preferably out of a model home somewhere as most cost/effective option. any suggestions for Receiver vs. my SR4002? I guess I may want up to 3 or 4 sources? Radio(AM/FM), PS3 for stored audio?, Ipod, maybe TV if Uverse has XM/Sirius like Directv?
I'll have to look when get home, however there are already 2 Speaker Wires in addition to the thicker Blue and the grey(Cat 5?). anyway, what does this mean as far as my setup goes? Thinking about looking for a used system on ebay/craigslist. Not going to stay here forever but would like to use this feature since its pre-wired for it.
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