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I was in my 20's in the 80's and I wouldn't swear to it but I don't recall "frickin' " being a commonly used word.
I am enjoying this show quite a bit too. It reminds me of Tom Clancy's book, "The Cardinal of the Kremlin" which was about spies on both sides. Some of the stuff that has happened seems like it was pulled from his books. Message drops, fake phone messages, keeping the young ones in the dark about mom and dad, etc. His books were very real and accurate and were absolutely impossible to put down. I may be expecting too much but I hope this show hits me the same way. So far,...
Is it my Charter or is it NBC Sports Network? The last few games I've watched have had the surround channels way too loud. The sounds from the ice really over powered the center voice channel. The commercials were fine so I'm guessing it's NBC Sports Network. Any body else? Go Blues!
Michael: She's on my way home. Jim: THEN TAKE ANOTHER WAY HOME, MAN!!! I loved it. A different side of Jim and Pam tonight.
Yes, mine's a 3012 also. I see in an earlier post that they are working on the Moxi clock issue now. Good for them.
Yep, mine is the same way. The clock is slower than it used to be. It used to be dead on with other clocks in the house but is now slow which, I would assume, is why my shows are being cut off at the beginning. No one else?
I was having trouble with my Moto box so I called the customer service people to schedule an appointment to see what was going on. I told them to make sure the service tech brings a new Moxi with him since I keep hearing all of you insist on the greatness of this box. The customer service rep told me I could pick one up at the office to see if it was the box or something else. I decided, "What the heck, I'll do it." The woman at the office cheerfully gave me a new box and...
I Love this show but they spend WAY too much time setting the stuff up and talking about it rather than showing the actual "time warp." They could have had so much more Metallica if they would just stop talking about it and show it. Last season was much better IMHO.
She probably would have until he said, "I'm tired now, please leave." What a great character.
While I am pleased as well regarding the HD signal, who did you write to that sent that response?
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