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Dont worry about the game not pulling you in. All of us will pull you in.
The Dreamgear one looks to have a power button on the remote. Not sure if the power button will turn on the system but if it does that could be the winner. I might pick up both next week and see which one works better. I plan on programming my harmony to work with the dongle anyway so the remote that comes with it doesnt matter to me.
No regrets, on either system. Like Nexus said, I like the new stuff so the old backlog just goes away. Just have to create a new backlog with the newer games.
I like this update. Seems Popcap is doing a good job with this game
Wow, I think I want that as my sig. Thats great stuff I just might break off all plans and play with Ben after that heartfelt story
I wont be on for BF Thursday. I got other plans. If I do make it home early enough to jump on I will most likely jump on Garden Warfare.
I did find a flaw. Something to do with my connection. Its not the game its me.I am not trying to be a MS ad but they do have a few have games that brought fun back into MP. So if anything I am a Garden Warfare/TF ad. Surprisingly both games are EA. I want to try these other modes in COD because the MP was just boring.KZ, I am like 50/50 on it. I would rank it higher than COD for me though. At times I had fun with KZ, but then other times I wasnt feeling it. I own it for...
I think I am done with this game. At least for awhile. Wish more of you were on the other side but I'll have fun with the people that are on that side. I have to agree with MPH, if it werent for playing with the AVSers than tonight would of been a complete waste of time.
Sounds a little demanding
I might take you up on that.
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