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I'm in the same boat. I am currently running my HTPC/Cable Box/PS3 thru my 46" LCD then plugging my Klipsch Promedia 2.1 into the TV. It works for me right now, but want to upgrade sooner than later. I'm going to go with a 3.1 speaker system as my apartment isn't conducive to 5.1 speaker setup. I had an Onkyo before we moved back to Texas but it died on me. I'm staying away from Onkyo for that reason. Haven't had the time or money to replace it, and this looks like...
PS3 > HTPC in my case. I prefer the PS3 when streaming Netflix. I tried boxee/browser on the HTPC both were bad. I may unload boxee and put on XMBC but its the HTPC stream problem so it won't fix anything I just want to try XMBC.
I was wondering this as well, but I do believe you can program the dvr from the internet so I'm guessing you can connect to it from the Android Web Browser. I think the iPhone/iPod/iPad app is just a fancy overlay of the web interface. I don't own a moxi but I'm looking into getting one. I'm on the fence between the moxi and the tivo. I'm leaning toward Tivo as it doesn't look like there is much development going into moxi any longer.
I follow @GridlockGoddess on twitter she's on Channel 6 WTVR she said they should be going HD soon. I don't know when though?
Just throwing this out there, but my wife and I noticed that our HD OTA antenna signal seems to only drop when I'm watching a show, but during commercials the signal never drops. What's up with that. I'm almost thinking conspiracy.
I'm guessing the TiPad
This might be a bit off topic, maybe not, but I'm selling my house and our stager had me take my home theater down in the living room. I was missing how well it sounded so on a whim I pulled my Klipsch Promedia from and old computer in the basement and plugged it into the TV hid all the speakers/sub in the entertainment center and I know have a decent sounding setup now. It was the cheapest minimalist thing I could get away with until our house sales. Hooray Klipsch. I...
Moxi seems to think there is no need to make an OTA HD recorder. I wonder if we have enough users on AVS Forum to post an email to for them to develop one.
Maybe if AVS Forum members email Moxi to ask why they don't have an OTA HD box they might go ahead and make us one, it can't be that hard can it?
I just got a replacement bezel from them last week. It's for a 46" a750. I was hoping for a b750 as this replacement bezel already out of the box shows signs of peeling and halo. The Techs came in and saw my peeling and halo and said that they don't know why it's doing it. Then replaced it I saw halo again and they said "thats normal for this set" Didn't feel like arguing with them so I'll be placing another call with Samsung shortly after the holidays.
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