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Right now i'd settle for a b750 bezel as it looks as if it may not have the halo problem.
I got my replacement bezel today. It was the bezel and the plug that goes into the board. The plug was not the right plug so the tech used the plug from the original bezel. They put it back together, it still has the halo effect. The new bezel already shows signs of peeling already. My warranty is until 4/10 so I will probably contact Samsung about the halo still. Is the B750 a different bezel design?
I find that if I get that close to mine it gets rather warm.
I have the Halo problem too. I turned my ticket it a few months back Nov 4th. They never called so I called Samsung back they made another tix Nov 24th. Finally got a call back from local tech shop 12/11. Said it is back ordered. Then yesterday I got a call that said they have the part and are coming to replace today 12/17. Guess I'll be getting a part and not a replacment TV.
I'm thinking about getting this antenna. Anyone else use it in a single family home that's not on the 12th floor?
I went to Best Buy today to pick up a cable for my blackberry. They had a few PS3 games in a bin for 9.99, I picked up PES2009 for 10 bucks. Some of the other games that I saw: Oblivion Stuntman Ignition Tony Hawk Project 8 March Madness 2008 Folklore They had a few others, I think it's in store only. And they had PSP, DS, Xbox and Wii games as well.
I used the 25% discount, picked up my wife a Jersey, myself a t-shirt, and our soon to be born in about a week daughter 2 jersey's. I also picked up Madden 2010. It came to about 206 with discount taxes and shipping.
I d/l'ed and played thru the tutorial. Looks like fun.
I finally got mine yesterday. I'm in Virginia and it came from NJ. So I guess it's time to login to NFL.com to see what's available.
Still the same status. I tried calling but they close 5pm eastern. I'll try again tomorrow. I'm on my 11th week by my calculations. Peter: I hope this isn't a ripoff like that breakfast machine I bought. (Cut to peter in his kitchen activating his breakfast machine. A ball rolls activating a series of devices soon reaching a balloon attatched to a string attached to a gun. This pulls the trigger and shoots Peter right in the arm.) Peter: AAAAHH!! WHAT WAS THE POINT...
New Posts  All Forums: