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I would have to say that they need more content, not just main stream films. Of course I've only looked at the selections about two times so they've could have added some selections by now. I would like to see some HBO, Showtime series available. The kicker here to beat Itunes would be to negotiate the current seasons shows. For instance on Itunes I can download last seasons Entourage, and the current season won't be available for download until after the end of the...
I agree. I don't see my wife creating any levels. My mom is in town and she enjoyed watching me make a level and thought the game was clever.
I'm in your boat. My wife will play Guitar hero on easy for about 30 minutes @ most, and maybe a golf game, that's it. I have the game I showed her my level I created, and she was like meh. Maybe if I could get her to run through a level she'd like it more, at least to help me out on the 2x Sack people levels.
I just booted up the PS3, started LBP, saw the update 1.02, said I had to update, it's 57mb and is @ about 6% right now. Bye - bye offensive song.
Woohoo i have a collectors item, opened and played but a collectors item no less.
I had a problem with ordering my PS3 from Circuit City, I ordered one for store pickup, it wouldn't go thru, said something about trying again, i ended up ordering three somehow. They charged my card three times even though I never picked them up. I thought they weren't supposed to charge until I picked up. I haven't ordered online from them since. I stick to Newegg when ordering online now. Plus don't forget to search with Live with Cashback. Sometimes they offer a...
That worked. I'm @ 82% on the first 2 levels. I guess there is still more to find. I will run thru the sarah ones later to see if any sticker triggers in those levels.
Doh, it's the stickers. Did not even think about that even though i did the tutorial. Thanks for the tip. Ok, so for the guys who haven't created anything yet. It is helpful to go to create and run thru those tutorials as well, you'll get more content, that' how you get the rockets. I made a rocket wheel, and a rocket skateboard, and an airballoon. I think i'll make my dog next if I can pull it off. I saw that they have a rocket duck from the beta, i tried making a...
I don't think so probably due to copyright and that it would be shared by the community not that they would get the song, but that it would be played. it would be cool to do a RHCP level. Some people created levels with speakers and it plays as you go along a sort of midi song, like the GNR song that guy did. That's way out of my league though. I have little musical talent, just ask my guitar teacher.
I pre-ordered from GS, i'm on the east coast, I haven't gotten a call, i'm still going to go pick it up and give to to my co-worker who just picked up a PS3 and he wanted to borrow some of my games. pfft, heck no i'll be playing this one for a while and i'll want to play him online anyway.
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