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sorry davehancock, I just got installed yesterday in collegeville pa 19426 and did know the tv resolution was only 1080i not 1080p. quantum tv isn't available in my area yet.
No 1080p?
hello all, still no quatum tv service in my area but getting installation today.
hello all, anyone know if Quantum TV is in the 19426 area (collegeville Pa)?
hello all, is the arris boxes available in the philly area (pottstown)?
hello all, sales folk and tech folks never talk to each other. the new quantum tv service isn't in my area for another 2 weeks. new install date is 04/19/14
hello all, i just call fios and upgraded our services to the quantum enhanched services. it's only $5.00 more a month but you can record 6 shows at one time
hello all fios Quantum tv new tuner: http://www.engadget.com/2014/04/01/verizon-fios-media-server-quantum-tv/
hello all, i'm have 7 days left with the X1 service. the audio dropouts are getting worse!
thanks tim, need my surround sound!!
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