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Totally disagree. I'm not sure what your definition of "small" is but 11x17x8 is only about 1,500 sq ft. That's pretty small by most standards. Even if you add 5 ft to the long side for the hallway opening he mentions, you are still a bit under 2,000 sq ft. If you google around for subwoofer buying guides (sites like Aperion, Velodyne, HSU etc. have charts or guides) that room size (1500-2000sqft) wouldn't be in the smallest room category, but is typically going to be...
Lossless means..... lossless? Right?
Sometimes you have to concede to aesthetics. In this case he can console his sorrow by venturing to his gorgeous dedicated theater room!
Yes it's worth it. XT32 is the real deal. And not to be judgemental but from the looks of your beautiful house you can afford it why go that far and then skimp on the processor? One thing if it's a casual living room setup but for a sweet dedicated theater might as well get the good stuff. Plus you have expansion options if you decide you want to go to 9 ch and/or add beefier external amps.
Why get such a powerful expensive amp for zone speakers? Either get a cheap amp (Audiosource AMP 100 for 100 bucks) or use the nicer amp for main zone and redirect internal amps to other zones.
There is always demand.... If the price is right! Don't expect to get as much money for them as they are actually worth in terms of sound quality. The used market for speakers is very soft (I have seen speakers on my craigslist literally last for years if the pice was too high) and the e-series is fairly old and not particularly famous, so it's not going to attract a ton of interest. A lot depends on how productive your local metro area is, and of course how much you want...
In the spirit of "giveth and taketh away" Denon improved the video select feature for the E/X series models by allowing you to select any HDMI video source to mix with an audio stream, but they restricted its availability to to only "audio only" source inputs (tuner, network stream, cd, etc). It's actually a worthy trade off for the majority of users as the most common use case by far is "listen to music while watching some other video source" and the lack of HDMI support...
Yeah that's what you'd expect. The 60hz hump is almost certainly the port tune so I'd imagine it would just disappear and roll off earlier without affecting the rest of the range.
Also if you're hesitant, another advantage of waiting is that the servers experience the highest traffic loads right after the firmware is released meaning you are more likely to get a slow download or even a failure. Waiting a couple of weeks means you are more likely to get a clean download.
DSX is for expanding beyond 5.1 channels with height and/or wide speakers. If you don't have those extra speakers you can't use it.
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