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If your receiver doesn't have networking then the only way to control it via a smartphone/tablet app is to add some 3rd party hardware which will convert the network signal into an infrared signal that can be "blasted" to the receiver or other components. For example, the popular Roomie Remote app sells a variety of IR adapters to enable control of non-networked devices: http://www.roomieremote.com/store/infrared-adapters
Give JD a call!
So like I said above, just buy new and you get a 3-year factory warranty. Once you factor in the cost of an aftermarket warranty you have largely negated the cost savings of the refurb. Give JD a call!
In almost all cases, if the input signal is already multichannel (5.1 or better) you don't have to do anything, just accept the default decoding of the signal and let it play. Usually you only really have to make decisions is with how to handle stereo (2ch) input signals. The only time you would need to change the surround mode with a 5.1+ input signal is if you have MORE than 5.1 speakers and want to matrix sound to those extra speakers. For example, if you have a 7.1...
If you want the longer warranty buy new. Call JD up and I bet you will be surprised that the price for a new model is better than you think.
If you check accessories4less website you will see that a one year warranty for refurbs is clearly stated.
That's really up to you. Some people like leaving stereo as stereo, others like upmixing with Pro Logic or Multch Stereo as discussed just above. Use your ears
@ purplerain -- All Denon AVR's work the same way -- by default they memorize the surround mode based on input source and signal. So for example if you want a 2ch signal from your cable box to get PLII Cinema, whereas a 2ch signal from your CD player should stay in STEREO mode, it will remember the difference, and these choices will not affect how it handles a 5.1 Dolby Digital signal. So if your receiver is defaulting to Multich Stereo when it gets a 2ch input signal,...
The convert setting also allows conversion of analog video to HDMI (thus the name) and is really the on/off switch for the entire video section including overlay graphics as Jerry notes but also picture enhancements (color, contrast etc). The ip scaler setting ONLY controls the scaling function (ie resolution / framerate changes).
1 and 2 require some qualification.1. There IS a subtle difference between the two methods. The speakers menu / test tones method changes the sub level GLOBALLY for all surround modes. The Audio menu method changes it only for the current surround mode.2. While it isn't possible with the factory remote it IS with a universal remote. I have a sub vol button programmed into my Harmony remote.
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