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Probably a glitch. Reset the microprocessor of the receiver and try again. Instructions are in your maunual.
Right here: http://batpigworld.com/wp/?p=117I have Day/Evening/Midnight discrete codes programmed as the 1/2/3 buttons on my Harmony One for all activities
I think, as others have said, that the quality of the sub is really irrelevant to this aspect of the decision. A crappy sub can annoy neighbors just as easily as a good sub -- they can't tell if one is tight and musical and the other is flabby, it's just about the mechanical coupling of the bass resonances to the walls/floors transmitting through. So, the point being that the "annoy the neighbors" issue should not be a factor in deciding whether to stick with a crappy...
Hmm. Maybe I should move to in-wall speakers!I think the problem with the RC-LCR is that the 2 mids and tweeter are a single assembly, so it's hard to just replace one of them.IMO -- the V2.0R dented plastic cap is probably the least concerning, not sure it's even audible and it's only one of two drivers that operate to create the diffuse part of the soundfield. The woofer + tweeter are creating the direct sound. I bet if you removed the woofer you could stick your...
Man caloyzki, that's rough. That's why all my grills are now on all my RC speakers -- despite the measurable damage to the high freqs, it can't compare to the physical damage of my 2.5 year old's finger!!
If I understand your needs corrrectly, the big problem is the external amplifier. The 4311CI has a few modes that allow it to seamlessly toggle between an multich setup and a separate 2ch rig, but I think the critical issue is that the switching applies to the internal amps and speaker posts -- the pre-out signal for the FR/FL speakers will still come out of the FR/FL pre-outs regardless.
Frankly I'm not sure what the OP was commenting on when he said "speaker settings". Did he mean speaker config? Crossovers? Speaker trims (levels)? Surround modes?Many things (like surround modes and Audyssey settings) are input specific without even resorting to Quick Selects.
The pre-amp setting is only for the FIRST TWO channels of external amplification when you go to a 9ch config. The receiver only has 7 amps built in, so if you use an external amp to go to 9 channels you need to tell the receiver which are the first two channels that will be externally amp'd, then it can switch the internal amp to the other 7 channels. The center channel doesn't require this setting, it and all the other pre-outs are always "hot".As others have pointed...
They release in spring. By June the lower level models should be out.
Internal GUI does not output to zone 2. The zone 2 HDMI output is a passthrough for HDMI inputs only.
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