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The new delay is likely extra video processing in the tv. Enhancements like motion smoothing can delay the video in the tv after it has left the receiver. You should chek the picture adjustment settings in the tv and play around with turning off any such professing that may be on by default.
Still there on my Denon X4000 and I'm on most recent firmware. Sounds like a receiver glitch. Have you tried the full mp resets yet?
Thanks. Hopefully now the sky-is-falling-they-don't-make-em-like-they-used-to crowd will relax
Before you get deluged with requests from the mob, please post the bench test results since that's the part almost everyone asks about!
Fascinating. Thanks for the link. I was always under the impression that the RS meter did a poor job at very low freqs. Based on that it seems like nearly any halfway decent condensor mic will be adequate if you are really only concerned with measuring bass freqs. Furthering the idea that even if you buy your mic from somewhere besides CSL and end up measuring with the "wrong" calibration file it's still going to work fine outside of the high freqs.
@ niccolo -- the key thing to understand is that from the X1000 to the X3000, sound quality is basically identical. So if you decide you don't to spring for the X4000 the decision amongst the other three should be strictly on what features you want. Remember that receiver tech changes pretty rapidly so I wouldn't count on keeping the same unit for more than a few years, so "future proofing" is somewhat of a red herring; in that sense, I generally recommend getting the...
Also important to note that manually plotting FR for the subwoofer (or any speaker really) won't be close to accurate without the appropriate offset data, since the FR of the Rat Shack SPL meter is NOT linear.
Receivers don't "break in". If nothing has changed about the speakers or room it's either some setting change in the receiver (eg you are using Dyn Vol now) or just your ears and brain adjusting over time. It won't hurt to recalibrate though if you have concerns.
Samps -- I addressed this already:It's almost certainly the tapering of the filters below the crossover. Again, the values in the Manual EQ from "curve copy" are only very loosly related to what Audyssey is actually doing. And whatever happens with the "curve copy" is all about decisions that DENON made, not Audyssey. So you can't really make any inferences about Audyssey based on that.
The key issue is that because HDMI contains audio and video over a signal cable, the "auto" part has no way of knowing that there's no audio. If the HDMI signal was totally disabled then the auto setting would sense that and default to the next highest priority (component video and/or digital audio) but there is no way for the receiver to differentiate from the audio vs video portions of the HDMI signal.
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