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Do you think if that was the way they all worked that everyone would be ok with it? It's NOT the "video processing" sorry. I'm telling you there is almost certainly a color space mismatch somewhere in your video chain. Since it happens with multiple sources that now points to the tv. Does it have any settings for color space input, rgb extended or black level etc?
Yes, ASIO+HDMI still isn't working (I got them both to be "Active" but the output is just silence when I try to measure or test).As to the second.... I actually thought that the Java+HDMI output was sending a signal JUST to my left speaker, but now that I think about it it's possible it is sending to both speakers. When I do my tests I sit on the couch over to the left side so it's *possible* that I just assumed it was the left speaker but there was also signal going to...
I believe the port is powered even if you aren't on that input. For example if I plug my iPod into my X4000 it will still charge even if I'm not on the iPod/USB input. If the 4520 works like my X4000 the USB port will still be hot when powered down to standby if the IP Control setting is set to always on. The network and USB functions are linked somehow.
Well let's separate a couple of things here, a general issue of room acoustics isn't the same thing as Audyssey getting "tricked" by nasty reflections off of a leather couch back.Yes, if you have poor room acoustics, then adding treatments (bass traps, wall panels, etc) will help improve the room. This should show up in the sound being better before you run Audyssey, and will also give MultEQ an easier time of correcting the room so the sound after calibration should be...
Audiosource AMP 100.
No, the video professor is excellent and it shouldn't molest the signal negatively like that. Your description indicates a color space mismatch, are you trying to pass full range rgb? Video grayscale levels are set from 0-255 but the actual usable space for consumer devices is 16-239 with "headroom" left over for blacker than black and whiter than white signals. If your device is somehow fooling the receiver into thinking that 16 is black when its actually gray then it...
Dunan your second post should have been your first post we shouldn't have to drag the back story out of you And yes I suspect the leather couch may be an issue. Especially if the mic is too close to the back it could be picking up reflections and making needless "corrections". As an experiment try throwing a soft blanket over the top or removing the back cushions if possible and recalibrate.
Well how does it sound without audyssey? We would need a lot more details about the room and speakers to make any real jusgements. Your question is pretty open ended. Without a sub your front speaker a HAVE TO be large because there is nothing to cross over to. Large/Small is just a bass management switch. Be aware though that without a sub you are basically getting no correction in the low freqs which could be why things sound "boomy". Without a sub MultEQ isn't really...
Having both nearfield would also mitigate the issue with the room being much too large for those subs. With nearfield placement you don't have to worry about pressurizing the whole space.
How do you do a loop back measurement? Remember I am using a USB mic.
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