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And for reference here's a follow up sweep I did full range comparing analog vs HDMI...... pretty significant differences exist all the way through the FR. Now I'm doubting the validity of some early measurements I did using the analog RCA ouput.
How 'bout this for a conundrum. So while messing around this evening after this last post, I swapped from the HDMI output (since I was stuck on Java anyway and only my left speaker) to the analog RCA output. First thing I noticed was, gee, the level is so much lower... but then I saw an apparent null I had been wondering about at ~72Hz was gone! So I adjusted the level (took a ~17dB boost on the analog to get these graphs to be close) and check it out: I was...
Jerry - Finally got the energy to experiment, but unfortunately I must report that I've been futzing with ASIO for over an hour with no success. I actually uninstalled both REW and ASIO, installed the newest release of REW and went back to Beta 1 of ASIO4ALL v2.11 (just in case). I still hit this cycle of being unable to have BOTH the HD audio output and the UMIK-1 mic be active at the same time. After multiple attempts at clicking the button, quitting REW, restarting,...
Probably. Depends on how you at using it of course. Back in the day lots of devices did HD video over component / rgb analog but these days almost every device is HDMI only. The expense is minimal so might as well - and it will improve resale value down the road.
The native freq response of any modern solid state gear is perfectly flat. In the event that there may be any minute difference in freq response (which there isn't) it will be swamped by Audyssey. The reason to get an amp is because you need more power. Not to use as a tone control.
Sure. But you know that in AVS "better" isn't the same thing as "enough"
It's no different than any other external source. Assign the input to the name you want to use and off you go.
450 sq ft is pretty big. The Polks are definitely the obvious weak link right now but it would take a lot of sub to be "enough" in that room. Considering the quality of the speakers I'd wait to upgrade until you could spend $1k+ on subs (eg two SVS PB1000 or Outlaw LFM). Or of course you could get one now and a second later (maybe even keeping the Polks in the interim as fillers). For a big space I'd want multiple subs just to even out the coverage more than for output...
Selden - demerits to you for not suggesting the first thing to check is bass management settings! if front speakers are set to "large" (or even "small" with a crossover that is too low) bas will not be redirected to the subwoofer with stereo content.
You have to remember that these are commercial displays, intended for industrial applications. HDMI is a consumer connection format and when these displays were produced years ago wasn't even standard on PCs. It will definitely run circles around your Dynex and is still a quite viable display, even if it gives up something in light output and absolute black levels to some of the best the picture will still be fantastic overall. I still use a 12U and a good friend has a 9U...
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