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It's not the receiver. It has to be the player. Check the "secondary audio" settings.
And if you disable Audyssey completely you can use a basic 9 band Graphic EQ as an alternate. But you completely lose Audyssey features like Dynamic EQ.
See, what Beast posted is what I meant above when I contradicted the statement that MultEQ is supposed to "tame the room". It is trying to meet a target curve, which may or may not require "taming" in the sense of reducing high freq stuff. The alternate plausible explanation is that there is NOTHING at all wrong with Audyssey, and you simply have very smooth speakers which naturally produce a pleasing HF roll-off in your (ostensible not too reflective) room. MultEQ...
Not really. It's somewhat semantics, but Audyssey isn't "taming the room", it is measuring your room/speaker system response and trying to correct it such that, after applying the correction filters, each speaker meets a specified target curve.In some cases (e.g. bright speakers in a live room with lots of reflections) the MultEQ software could "tame" the room -- assuming by "tame" you mean "make smoother and less harsh", but in other cases we have seen (e.g. a very dead...
I agree, that seems totally implausible. The chirps are 30dbfs so only 75db, and even if audyssey had to raise the level of the chirps due to excessive bg noise, even a brief burst at 85-95db shouldn't pose any danger to a tweeter.
My 2310 was rock solid and is still very full featured if you don't need networking or 3D support. Not obsolete at all. But if your primary goal with this switch is to get superior Audyssey MultEQ, I would strongly suggest shooting for XT at least. XT has trickled down to the 23xx level all the way down to 17xx as of the xx12 models.
I think Denon switched the full mute function to a non relay solution. I was playing with this last night thinking about clicks and I didn't hear a click with mute set to full instead of -40 on my X4000. Pretty sure it still did it on my 2113.
It depends on the tv and also whether the source is internal or external. For example if the tv itself is streaming a 5.1 Dolby Digital signal via the internal tuner, ARC will probably pass the full 5.1 audio. But I don't think any tv will pass 5.1 through to ARC output from an external input, for example a blue ray player or cable box plugged into the tv with HDMI. In that situation it will be a 2.0 stereo signal.
It won't necessarily click during normal usage. It depends on whether the speakers in use are changing in which case the relays will click to switch amps to different speakers. I don't hear any clicks at all during normal usage but I have a basic 5.1 setup with amp assigned to zone 2, so there is nothing to switch, I will never be switching between front height and surround back for example.As rec head noted above if all input types are set to the same surround mode there...
Agreed. It pretty much has to be the speaker since the problem "followed" one of them, as opposed to sticking to the same channel of the receiver.
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