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How's the pricing on the X1000? It's basically an E300 with superior XT version of Audyssey calibration and you get a 3rd year of warranty. Plus the ability to expand with Zone 2 in the future if desired. Definitely worth another $100 or so.
Not a "problem", it's by design. Apple doesn't license Airplay video streaming to any non-Apple devices, so in this case you'd need an Apple TV.
It's not the advice that was questioned (note that Jerry agreed with changing it at the receiver), it's the REASON for the advice.The only reason to change it on the AVR is for precision and to make it easy to return to the previous level if desired.There was a time when it was erroneously believed that channel trim changes were "tracked" by Dynamic EQ so it knew what the changed effective reference level was, but that turned out not to be the case. Chris K himself was...
Before you start looking at hardware problems, the #1 culprit is likely to be the HDMI cable itself. HDMI is a finicky connection type, both in terms of the data connection (handshake) and the physical connector itself. It could be something as simple as the cable being loosely seated in the input slot, sometimes wiggling it or reseating it more firmly can mitigate the issue; or the cable itself could be damaged or defective. First thing though, is it happening with ALL...
Fair enough. Perhaps you should let Sanjay be your mouthpiece with his more measured tone
I'm not an idiot, it was fairly obvious that Sanjay had a specific reference in mind. He's too smart to say something that leading without a link ready to pop
EXACTLY my point Jerry. The evidence does not support the conclusions being drawn. If a few graphs with some squiggly lines are what counts as "incontrovertible evidence" of more harm than good, then I'm reminded of the Princess Bride line, "I do not think that word means what you think it means".
If you're tacitly referring to the Harman study on perceptually flat vs measured flat, let's remember that XT32 has the same target curve as XT. So that doesn't really seem relevant here.
Well said. As usual SoM you are able to express things in a balanced manner without overextending the conclusion I'm fine with saying "XT 32 is the only iteration of Audyssey I can recommend to audiophiles." Perhaps if Keith had added "for a critical audiophile" as a caveat I wouldn't be so annoyed. But that's quite different than "more harm than good", implying a net negative by definition. I certainly never once felt line my system sounded worse with many years of non...
That would certainly be more convincing than a couple of graphs on an Internet forum. Keith is making the common mistake of overextending the conclusion much further than the evidence warrants.It would also be nice to have thousands of posts from people on Internet forums like this saying, "gee whiz, the high frequencies just sound worse after calibration with my non XT32 receiver!" But we have the exact opposite. Audyssey has been helping typical listening rooms sound a...
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