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Yeah. I did an online chat with Samsung, then got on the phone with her to point them out. Funny thing is, they decided to just use the pedestal base and stand. Thanks for your feedback.
My daughter just got the 48H6350 and wants to mount it on her TV Stand which has mountable extension arms. She says the TV does not have the 4 mounting screw holes on the back. Is this true? Is there a conversion kit available that will convert the pedestal holes to mountable holes on the back?
Could be. I'm in a townhouse complex (about 120 units) off of Jacks Run Rd and they are digging here.
After several phone calls I checked and still had the problem at 11 p.m. last night. I decided to call again today. The rep decided to re-pair the cards and viola it worked. All channels are now fine. My guess is that they fixed the head end problem last night and I needed the re-pairing to activate it. Whatever, it now works.
Both of mine are Series 4, one the basic unit and one the Premier XL4. The Premier is fine, but the basic one has lost those channels. I talked at length with the repairman and suggested that they may have messed up the PSIP data on the changeover, but he said that only some are having the problem. I had him check my two boxes and he found that they appeared to be on different servers. So they were going to try and isolate the problem. I'll let you know.
Yep. I'm in Ross also. I have two TiVos with cablecards. Last Thursday one of them lost all the local HD channels, except 53. The other TiVo is just fine. I tried all the usual repairs for it, including re-pairing and re-authorizing the cablecards, but no help. They sent a guy out to fix it with no luck. He said that last Thursday they changed the transmission frequency for the HD versions of 2-4-11-13 and it has caused some problems. He gave me the phone number...
OK. I didn't do that, but I did use the A/V Reset option in the menus. Can't try the buttons right now, got to watch my Steelers.
SAP is off. Sound has been changed from sim surround to stereo to no avail. What does Guide/Format do?
Any thoughts on this. I've been trying for a month to find a cause and can't. I actually want to sell this TV and won't get much if the speakers won't work. As I said before, sound is fine on analog channels, but mute on all digital channels (both cable and OTA).
WOW, just checked and I see that I bought my WD-52627 on 9/24/05 for $3500. At the time it was (I believe) the first 1080p set on the market. Can't believe I paid that much. It has worked fine for all these years (over six). I normally watch TV through my AV Receiver setup, using the AVR speakers with the TV sound muted. All is fine there. Today I was playing around with the other two inputs: antenna to the TV and direct cable to the TV. I turned off the AVR. ...
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