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I have a Sony 55HX929 XBR for sale. The TV is in perfect condition and looks amazing. I want to upgrade to a larger set otherwise I would keep it. Local pickup only, (Long Island NY Area) Thanks!
I have a question you guys may be able to answer. Im about to upgrade to one of these 2 sets from a Sony HX929. Im worried about brightness. I do Keep the Sony backlight to 3-4 out of 10 . Would this be comparable to the brightness of these 2 sets? Has anyone come from the XBR or a comparable LED?
I would say I was about 7-8 feet away from the 65". I want a larger set. I originally bought the 65" Sony but its too big and I feel like a 65" loses some sharpness with 1080i content. Sony doesnt make a 60 so I'd have to go with Panasonic.
I just had a chance to check out the ZT60 at Magnolia in Westbury NY. Its mounted directly underneath the VT60. They had the Dark Knight playing on both sets. During the scene when Bruce Wayne and Alfred are on the boat in the Caribbean i noticed some what I would classify as pulsing throughout the entire screen. I also noticed some serious dithering. Has anyone else seen this? Im a little nervous about these issues especially If Im going to upgrade my perfectly fine XBRHX929
Im Selling my 55HX929. I want to go larger so this beauty has to go. Its in perfect condition. I went through several sets to get a perfect one and this is as good as it gets. Im on Long Island, let me know if you want to take a look.
Im looking to upgrade to a larger screen size and Im thinking about getting rid of my 55HX929. Shoot me a message if interested. That being said what do you think I should go with? Im worried about banding on the larger 65" HX950
I Finally got to see this TV in action. The Clarity was amazing along with the colors. Anyone who cannot see a difference between 1080p and 4k needs to get a new pair of glasses. The one MAJOR issue I did see was the dreaded edge lit light bleed. Im sorry but If im paying $7,000.00 for a TV I refuse to deal with light bleed and black level uniformity.
Is that corner flashlighting I see?
I wont be squared away until I have a 84" 4k OLED sitting in my living room lol! Thanks again for the advice.
I wont be squared away until I have a 84" 4k OLED sitting in my living room lol! Thanks again for the advice.
New Posts  All Forums: