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As rdgrimes says, the usual process of ripping to ISO involves removing the region code, but if for some reason you don't remove it (I've made this mistake myself), then yes, using the region-free mod to change the Oppo to the right region will make the ISO work.
Don't want to dampen your enthusiasm, Dennis, but I've been harping on about this for quite some time without any joy. Even my old Oppo DVD player had a choice of subtitle sizes, but for some reason the 93 doesn't. I'm guessing most users don't find it a problem, even though it bugs the hell out of me (and you).
If you don't want to use the Header Editor, all you need to do is simply run the mkv through MKVMerge GUI: add the file and mux it - you don't have to touch or adjust anything else. The new file will display correctly.As far as the subs go, the easiest way to get them to display is to mux them into the mkv file itself. Again, MKVMerge GUI will do this for you. But yes, they've always been ugly - I've been asking and hoping for adjustable font and size options for SRT...
^ Tried it. Worked fine:-)
Just noticed that Pandora has launched in Australia and New Zealand. I wonder if Oppo players running US firmware will now work in Oz. I'll give it a try when I get a moment.
Any news on the iOS versions of these Android apps?
I'm pretty sure those instructions will not work if you've upgraded to the latest Oppo firmware.
1. Assuming this is happening via attached storage (eg, a USB drive) rather than a DLNA server, I'm not sure why these wouldn't show up. But you can try burning them to a DVD-A (DVD Audio) disc and playing back that way. First, forget Toast:-) Second, decompress the FLAC files to WAV files using xACT (find it here: http://xact.scottcbrown.org/). Third, use Burn (a free burning app for OS X, available here: http://burn-osx.sourceforge.net/Pages/English/home.html) to create...
Obviously the BDP-103 won't offer playback of ISO files, but will it allow playback of BDMV folders (and AVCHD folders) over a network share?
Sandisk Cruzer sticks have had good success, apparently. I use a 4GB model and have never had a problem using it to update the Pro mod. You might even want to go less than 4GB. For some reason, the smaller ones work better.
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