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Remember, though, that Blu-ray discs have their own special ways of remembering (or not remembering) where your viewing is up to. It all depends on the authoring of the disc.
No, if you're converting to M2TS there is no need to convert the audio. It's just a re-mux to a different container, where the DTS-HD audio will work.
The way the files are listed via DLNA depends on your DLNA server and the way it's set up. Twonky 6, for example, lists music files in alphabetical order by default. There is a way around this, from memory, by replacing the "tree" listings, but it's not as easy to do as it should be.
There's your solution then: just wait till you're older than 30:-)
Oppo support has already said that the ability to play hi-res audio codecs (DTS-HD, FLAC, etc) inside an .mkv container depends on the decoder chip manufacturer adding support, which is very unlikely to occur. It's not impossible (hey - I never thought the 93 would play ISO files) but I wouldn't get my hopes up.
Yes, h264 video and Dolby Digital audio are supported inside a .ts container. There may be some other incompatibility with the file.
As you've discovered, once you have your DLNA server set up properly it works, really, really well. Most of the limitations are limitations of the DLNA protocol - there are some things (like mounting and streaming ISO files) DLNA just wasn't designed to do.The 93 will stream just about anything - pictures, music (including hi-res 24/192 FLAC files) and movies. But, as a few people have mentioned lately, it won't play MKV files that contain FLAC, DTS-MA or Dolby True HD...
The DLNA support on the 93 is very good now, so it's probably an issue with the way your DLNA server is configured. If the Oppo was seeing it, it would show up automatically (the network scan simply forces a re-scan, as far as I'm aware). Try a different DLNA server first, to see if the 93 recognises that on your network. Twonky and PS3 Media Server (which is free and works well) are the servers most commonly recommended.
Thanks for the reply, scolumbo. That's what I thought. It's no big deal (because, as you say, you can always check the file or the display of your AVR), but once I tried to do it - and couldn't - I figured I HAD to be able to and I was simply missing something. Be nice if playing audio files without video content worked the same way as audio files with video content.
I've searched the thread and my memory but can't seem to find the answer to the question I'm about to ask. I've started listening to a few 24Bit/96kHz FLAC files (to my ears, I hear more of a difference between them and CDs than I do between MP3s and CDs) and was wondering if there's a way to show the bitrate of audio files while they're playing - just as you can bring up the codec/bitrate details of video files. I was sure it was possible but can't seem to find a way. Am...
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