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As simple as this may seem , have you tried unplugging the set for a few minutes and the restarting it? There also may be some way to do a factory reset. I see if I can find how and post if I find it. BTW is this from any input or one with something connected?
Update, took back cover off , removed 6 screws(4 on a cover/stiffner plate, one on each end of chassis) removed entire chassis from cabinet, blew of ALOT of fine powdery dust from chassis, unplugged and plugged back in every connector i could find, took light engine final path/projector lens off and cleaned inside and out, reassembled, have picture again!!! But it is really red and looks bad if there is any red in the video,even worse with color turned all the way down.SO...
ok, I have a solid blue screen with no picture, nothing is displayed, not even menus for tv adjustments or inputs, any ideas where to start or not? it does have sound from the program not being displayed.
Make sure you have both witches to the left on the remote.Do the procedure to enter service menu.Shut it off, wait till fan stops, unplug for 2-3 min and plug back in.See what you got. Hope that does it for you!
I believe the HX series is officially no longer available from Sony direct. The LED sets and their wifi internet connectivity and apps are light years ahead of the rptv, and their physical footprint is tiny. Checkout the available models at your local best buy, the PQ is outstanding.
Agreed, I bought a cheapo once, dimmed considerably ......in a short period of time. Get a Phillips bulb, w or w/o housing in my opinion. I have gotten a few from Discount-merchant.com a few years ago.Not sure if they still offer the GENUINE Phillips bulbs. Beware of "OEM Replacement" play on words.
I'd grab the HX!
Is your buzzing thru the speakers or from internals??
Curious what model you have and if you wouldn't mind posting some pics of the damaged part/s?
It has activated on its own on my set also!
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