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Every game is different, LCD is no different than plasma with this. I said it before, some show it, some don't at all. You'll see it again unfortunately, like Larry said unless your set is not showing the picture properly".
Great job, love the look of that tablet customizable buttons.Awesome, kind of like your own video store.
You just happen to get one prone to IR. Not all plasmas are like that and that's not BS.
There are no recommended settings for Game consoles. Other than custom settings by calibrators or game mode. I use either HD master/Dnice custom settings or Game mode with proper settings on my PS3 with games. They look phenomenal.
This is true, it's basically a marketing gimmick for companies to say it up scales to 4K, when the tv already does that. It's to get the consumer thinking they need a 4K up scaling Bluray player to go with their new 4K tv.
The main difference that you will notice is the up conversion of SD DVD's. Oppo has a very good up conversion. Also if you choose to use it with your cable/satellite provider, you may or may not notice any difference. For Bluray playback, it is highly doubtful you will notice any difference either. If you get the 103D, you will notice a difference in pic quality from HD/Bluray using the Darbee. Everything will seem sharper. Don't expect to see a difference with SD channels.
Who said you needed one? we tolled you if you don't watch Bluray, save your money.
Why buy a 1080p/4K tv if you don't watch Bluray? The Sharp will upscale to the native tv's resolution. Don't expect miracles, some HD channels will look fantastic, others will be just OK. It all depends of how good the source or feed is.
I think he meant HDMI 2.0, there is no 3.0 yet.
You won't really benefit anything from HDMI 2.0 right now because there is no content that has 4K @ 60. There will be but not at the moment. Unless you have a crazy 4K computer to play 4K games on @60.
New Posts  All Forums: