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From what I understand, you can customize each default setting for the Sammy. Meaning if the color is too muted for games, maybe I can tweak the settings for games to be a little more vibrant. I want the upconverting for SD DVDs, and I have heard that the anti-piracy measures they are taking with HD-DVDs negate the ability to get 1080p over component. Could be BS tho. From what I've heard so far, I am better off going with the Sammy. I am gonna take my 360 into BB this...
You can't get 1080p over component. Only VGA. Now I gotta find out if the Sammy has VGA input, and if it will accept 1080p.
Well, I know that Xbox can do 1080p via component, but I am still unsure about whether or not the HD-DVD drive for the 360 will do 1080p. I guess that will be what decides it for me, seeing as there are no 1080p 360 games.
When I say 3k, I factor in stuff like delivery and a decent warranty. So does the Mitsu do 1080p via component?
I am not too concerned with the quality of the cable television. The cable we get here in Seattle looks terrible anyway. I will probably get my HD channels OTA. I am more concerned with getting 1080p with my Xbox via component, and watching dvds/hd-dvds/blu ray. Why would I wanna go with the 65732 over the 65731? What is the difference besides a few hundred dollars? The 65732 is gettin' close to 3k$, and that seems a bit much for me right now.
So I have done plenty of research on the Sammy, and I was on the verge of getting it, until I saw the Mitsu sittin' next to it. Aside from being a couple inches bigger, are there any other major advantages or disadvantages to the Mitsu? I like the Sammy because it can do 1080p over component, which is vital for Xbox 360. I am concerned with the performance of both televisions with video games mainly. And yes, I know about the search feature. A few too many posts...
New Posts  All Forums: