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Well it took me 4 months to find it, but watching hockey tonight I seem to see the same issue again, although it's less noticeable and not dead center.Am I expecting too much of a TV in this price range? Is this just possibly something that's more likely than not going to happen with all edge-lit LEDs...trying to get the angles perfectly from the edge LED lamps?? Maybe the panel isn't perfectly flat due to temp changes not helping the matter, or other parts are...
I did call Best Buy and asked about a replacement, they said would be covered under warranty but they'd have to send Geek Squad out first to verify the issue, which they did, he saw it, and I returned for a new one which does not have the issue.Kind of distressing to know that this is starting to sound like it could be rather common but I could not be happier with this set now!
Ok, made a warranty call...Best Buy sent the Geek Squad out, they put in for an exchange. Not seeing any of the issues I noticed with the first one, in fact the picture seems much better with the same exact settings, making me think there was a serious defect with the first one.
Ok, seems it's not clouding I'm seeing but the DSE (dirty screen effect) that seems as prevalent as clouding or flashlighting. About the only time I notice it is fast panning across a very bright surface like a hockey ice rink. I'm thinking I could've got something much worse. I guess I'll keep it as that's my only complaint, very happy with everything else about the TV.I didn't exactly set out to get the best TV possible (I just don't think they last long enough to...
I've had this TV (the 60" version) for a few weeks now and am quite happy. The only thing I just noticed today while watching a hockey game when panning across a bright area like the ice was sort of a light very faint oval...in maybe the middle 3rd of the screen. Almost like a dust oval about an inch thick on the screen. Is this maybe a symptom of the edge lit backlighting? I've only heard clouding referred to in dark scenes, and yes some of this is evident too but...
No I don't have that turned on. I should mention the signal passes through an Onkyo TR 609 receiver, which I suppose opens up a whole host of 'possibilities'. Although i pretty much have it as clearn of a passthrough as possible with no added features turned on.
Every now and then I notice some picture stutter when, for example, let's say you're watching a sporting event and it changes camera angles. What may be causing this...and is there some setting maybe I should use to prevent it? I'm getting my picture from a DirecTV HD receiver set to output a native signal.
What does the Bypass checkbox do under the Audio Sync options?
What does the Bypass checkbox do under the Audio Sync option? ***Sorry, I did not mean to create this here and can't figure out how to delete, but the moderator can delete hopefully***
Nevermind, I found the initial value is set at 0000.
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