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I'm in Australia. Where can we get Rythmik ...? Is that price delivered? Is that to Melbourne?Cheers.
Submersive can be imported directly from Mark Seaton. I have a submersive in Australia - although the international version is the original 1000W version not the HP - still very very impressive.
Thanks PBC.
Hi pbc, Which unit did you get Rev A or Rev B? Cheers.
Hey Penn, I like the versatility of the unit and may test it out in a number of different applications: - Subwoofer EQ - General Parametric EQ - Filtering - Cross Over Management 1. Which version is appropriate for Pre out from an AVR - would it be MiniDSP Rev A or Rev B? In general do pre-outs generate a signal upto 2V? 2. How are you powering the units - DC Block or USB? 3. Which Software module would you get for Subwoofer EQ - to handle the Bi-Quad filters via...
Congrats Hugo. Interested to hear of the differences compared with the Onkyo/AS-EQ1. I wonder if your Manual specifies what DACs are used?
Brian, Any updates regarding the DS1510 and H600PEQ amps kits?
Jmalto, Thanks very much for your initial review. Would be interested in your views regarding the listening experiences in comparison with your previous kit. For DVD/Bluray and Music. Configured the way you like it - Flat curve, Audyssey Curve, DynEq On/OFF, or even no EQ. Also, any views of XT32 improvement over XT. I guess its difficult to work out what changes are due to different Amp and what is different from Room EQ. Cheers.
Hi Bsoko2, I'm interested to understand your decision to go back to Audyssey for Subwoofer EQ. I thought you moved to the Antimode. Care to share... Cheers,
Wow, looks great. I bet it sounds fantastic as well. Are you building another subwoofer using the DS1500 and A370PEQ. I would be interested to hear how they compare. With the servo, I'm lead to believe they sound the same, but the DS1510 has another 2db in output. Would be interested in your views.
New Posts  All Forums: