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Hey Cyber, Thanks for your comments! I actually checked your photos earlier today, they look amazing. I heard that the day/night calibration is available for the 6010 as well, only not through the TV standard menus, you'd have to get a professional calibration guy to access the TV's special menus and do it. As for the "pure" mode, does it really make such a big and noticeable difference in picture quality? If you put Elite and non Elite next to one another and run...
Awesome! :-) I am going to post a new message as soon as I get the new TV and hook it up. I am really looking forward to it and expecting a major improvement over the XBR4.
Thank you very much guys, I got the picture now. I am going to buy the Pioneer 6010 and also going to return my Sony SP300 DVD player and replace it with a PS3.
I don't want to spend $1000 extra, the 6010 is a budget stretch as is. It does make me wonder however about the Samsung 58 (much cheaper) or the 63 (same price).
So all the rave reviews and excitement around the Pioneer plasmas are about the Elite models? The "regular" Pioneer Kuro (60" KURO PDP-6010FD 1080p) is not as impressive? Or is it still a few levels above the Samsung for example?
Hi all, I recently bought a new TV (Sony 52XBR4) and am seriously considering replacing it with a plasma. I can still return it to the store and replace it with anything that I want. The reason that I want to replace it is that I want something bigger, now that it's installed in my living room it does seem that we can have a bigger TV there and also, I am not that convinced anymore watching SD TV and DVDs that this TV looks better than the plasma TVs that I have seen...
I can not find the "full pixel" setting anywhere on my TV. Can you please point me to the right menu item?
I just re-calibrated my TV using georgeinNJ's settings. it doesn't seem that it made such a big difference. I did go into the DVD player menu, and under video setup there is a setting which is called "ycbcr/rgbpc(hdmi)" which was initially set to "y,cb,cr". there are 2 other options there: "rgb(16-235)" and "rgb (0-255)". I started playing with it but I don't know what it means. which setting should I use? Thanks!
Hi guys, Thank you so much for your replies. I am using HDMI cable, I ordered it online from monoprice, I will go and buy a "branded" cable today to see if it makes a difference. Since I posted my question, I saw several other movies and all of them look the same and have the same issues: Fantastic4, 300, The reaping, 28 Weeks later. I don't have any animated film, I will buy TMNT or something today and compare. When I went to the store, before buying the TV, the...
Thanks Mike, I am going to try it tomorrow and post what I found out.
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