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I have a Mitsubishi WD-65735 and really like it for the cost and the quality. However, I will consider a 3D capable plasma. But Denmark has 25% VAT that might make a >50" plasma outside my budget.
Hi, We will be relocating to Copenhagen, Denmark from the states in January 2009. Could those knowledgeable advise me on consumer electronics stores in Copenhagen so that I can set up an home theater. Specifically, I am looking for information on the DLP rear projection sets and PS3 bundles. Many thanks! Vatraps
The 2D DVD conversion to 3D looks below average. It is not worth the trouble for many movies but for some movies it might be worth the headache. -Vatraps
Yesterday, Circuit City finally delivered a WD-60735 as a replacement for my 4-year old Panasonic 53" CRT RPTV. I also got an open box Mitsubishi MB-65PB stand. The 60735 fit into the stand after a little cajoling. First impression was WOW! Going from a 1080i only (no 720p) CRT TV to this DLP set was a bigger jump in image quality than I expected it to be. I have yet to calibrate the set but I am playing with the settings. I haven't gotten into the service menu...
Thanks essbee. I checked again but no luck. Today, my Mitsubishi WD-60737 was delivered and I am using the built-in tuners. I will look into this more over the weekend and post updates here. Mahalo, Vatraps
Aloha All, Could some one give me the QAM channel number for KGMB HD? I can get the other three networks in the clear but not KGMB. I tried both 99-3 and 46-3 without luck. Mahalo, Vatraps
I am drooling over this. I think we can expect it to be around 2200 after rebates and stuff.
In my opinion, the PS3 is the best integrative A/V equipment I ever bought. For all the things it can do with an evolutionary firmware path, its a great piece of hardware.
Wow, I will pick up all Kubrick movies on HD. Can't wait to watch 2001.
I have a Samsung DTB-H260F OTA HD tuner paired up with an indoor antenna. I do not receive KHNL and KHET. I live on the University AVE. Is it my set-up or are there issues with the above channels? If it is my set-up then would an amplified indoor antenna get me the missing channels? Mahalo Vatraps
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