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That's my favorite, pickled herring in mustard sauce.
Well, then this is for you Oink.One of the few traces of the Viking culture still in existance. Pickled Herring in my easter meal today (And some other fish stuff).
The cuts were in his imagination only.
If you're gonna get killed in Game Of Thrones, it's better to get it in the first few episodes, the logic being you don't suffer that much.
In an apocalyptic world, who ever controls the pig fuel, controls the world.
You never know in games of thrones how much you gonna love or hate someone until the show is over. Someone can be an a real a hole in one season, and be very redeeming in another.
Well its not hard to understand if you live here. Or as a movie once had as tagline: Swedes don't travel to something, they travel away from something.But the main reason I would think is that they could. They had the seamanship skills, and the opportunities were on the other side of the sea.
I don't know, the Viking culture is a bit taboo over here because of its usage in extremist circles. But I guess the real Viking community wasn't that much into combat. Its what I call the Klingon paradox, if everyone is a warrior who built the ships?But we still eat pickled herring. Don't be ridiculous, its not legal to rip out the lungs on people and hang them on their chest. We use the balls instead.
Not easy when the Kingdom gets news and tv shows sometimes years later. Well HBO Nordic gets its episodes within 24h of the US release, so now I can be part of the community.
So finally managed to catch up to the latest episode, so I can participate in this thread. Pretty decent, not Game of Thrones good but still enjoyable. But the landscape doesn't fit the real locations.
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