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That's why you shouldn't try.
New trailer is up, while I don't think it will touch the original. I think it can stand on its own. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbP4Ky5TUO0
There is one aspect were 4K can make a difference. And that is watching still images. Fine detail is not as easy to spot at 24 fps but watching a still image and you can see a difference. Its also more likely that you move closer to the screen when examine a still image then you do watching a movie.
Just saw it, it s an OK scifi movie. But not as good as District 9. I didn't care that much for the characters in this one, and the ending wasn't that satisfying. But in terms of productions values, it was fantastic. And really good acting by Sharlto Copley.
Maybe we should include "To Be or Not to Be" Classic Mel Brooks.
Didn't see anybody mentioning "Der Untergang". If you only have seen a scene in it, you should watch the entire movie.
It depends on how they shoot the movie. The violence worked on the original movie. But I don't demand the same thing in a reboot, just because.
The core of Robocop is still not its violence.This is one of my favourite scenes.
I don't think a film like Tropa de Elite that wants portray the violent situation in Brazil can do it without portraying violence, just as little as Saving Private Ryan could portray D-day without it. The Longest day on the other hand could portray D-day without Gore and Blood, its still a good movie.Robocop on the other hand is a science fiction movie subjected to Verhoevens violent style. While the violence wasn't pointless in the movie, I don't see why you couldn't do a...
Why? The core of any good story isn't gore or blood. That's belong more to the style they were shooting the original movie. A remake works better if you take a new approach to the same core. There is 100 ways you can tell the Robocop story. 15 of those will work excellent on their own.
New Posts  All Forums: