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First Vulcans doesnt lack emotions, they just surpress them. The core of the old show was McCoy representing emotions, and Mr Spock representing logic, with Kirk right between them. That created good drama, because Spock would se things from a logical viewpoint, no matter what. Even if it would have killed him or Kirk. [[SPOILER]]
Not really, screwing up a character is not the same thing as creating a new character.
Saw this movie yesterday, unfortunately in 3D.I didnt know anything about the story since I hadnt watched a single trailer/teaser. And I think that helped me alot to enjoy the movie. I wasnt disappointed when I left the theater.But [[SPOILER]]
A common misconception is that video is free of noise, and film is full of grain. Video can have alot of noise if the filmmakers wants it, and film can have very little grain depending on what filmstock is used, and were in the chain the filmscan was made.
Spielberg always had one great strength, the ability to create pure movie magic. But in recent years he has lost his touch, or maybe its just that the scripts is not there. The classic 3 act screenplays.
Its very strange how a multi million dollar production can start with out the most important element. Like building a car without a blueprint.
Im more impressed that he managed to hide a couple of bikes in his pants.
It was shown on television very late, so I feel alseep. I hope it comes to netflix.
I think that is the problem with Tarantinos movies, he spend to much time reference other movies, when the story doesnt need it. Django could have been one of the greatest western ever made, but he dropped the ball with this one. I just couldnt take the story serious and didnt care for the characters at the end of the movie.
While video is stating to rule the Cinema, have they really stopped making film? There are some directors that still use film, are they just using leftovers?
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