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And the master was considered state of the art at the time it was created. Also every scene with CGI was created with a 1993 scan. A new master would maybe get a bit uneven.
The option to create a region free BD disc of your purchased movie also exist. Or just put them on a HTPC, they are easy to make region free.
A mirror and his laservision should do the trick. Also it could be that the man of steel has a beard of silk.
Na, not really. If it were like a big bang theory script someone would point out a flaw in your idea.
Yes if the horse is going to start eating people.
I feel it can be a little to much Spielberg for my taste.
I wrote some time ago that TMT5 had some problems with HD DVD subtitles. The subs locked on screen and wouldnt go away until the next subtitle appeared. This effected every Warner title and some other releases. Today I found a workaround. By playing the title in media center TMT5 instead of the standalone TMT5, subtitles started to work as they should.
Potc3, the music is so much better then the actual movie.
I guess not buying it, is a good deal. Doesnt get cheaper then that.
Its not really the effects fault, no matter what star trek movie you prefer. Its how the effect scene is constructed. If your into the story enough once the effect take place, you will not even notice that you actually watching an effect. What that scene you mention fall short for me is actually the music. It doesnt evoke the emotions the scene needs. Compared to the music cues in "Ive got your gun" scene that fits almost perfect, or the opening scene for that matter.
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