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Agreed but I need a starting point somewhere.
I used his 632 cal settings and they look great with one exception. Skin tones come of with too much yellow and I'm not sure what to tweak to fix it.
I picked up a LC-60C6400U yesterday and wanted to start this thread. I'm going to set it up today and was wondering if anyone had tinkered with calibrating these TV's yet and had some settings recommendations? It's going in my man cave where I mainly workout and play the Xbox 360. The following components will be hooked up to it - DirecTV HD box, Xbox 360, Blu-ray player, and a sound bar. My main TV viewing is done on another TV in our family room. Thanks!
I got my Harmony One remote programmed with my Vizio soundbar without issue. The only question I have is how do I set the remote's default volume control to the soundbar and not the TV? I couldn't figure it out. I have to go to Devices and pick the soundbar and adjust the volume with the touch screen. I'd much rather just hit the volume buttons on the remote.
Is anyone else having a TOC flaking issue? My red TOC is flaking off at an alarming rate now. Otherwise, I have had the TV since Sept. '08 and love it!
Anyone... besides the person who PM'd me and told me to go over to their house and adjust the settings myself. The 2,000 mile distance between my house and my parent's house makes that a little tough.
My parents just bought this set and I was looking for some good calibrated settings to have them try out. Anyone want to post their settings?
According to what line of logic? Their revenue and profit is higher than it was at the same time in 2007 and operating cash flows have increased. Sure, the stock is way down but that's par for the course in the current economic climate. The fact that BB has been able to increase revenue, profit and operating cash flows during a time of significant economic downturn is impressive for any company. It's outstanding for one that basically sells a luxury item like electronics.
Best Buy doesn't price match online retailers either and they're doing just fine. Just being fair here. Circuit City's price match policy is about 9,987th on the list of reasons why they're near death.
New Posts  All Forums: