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I use the GX300 towers. They are a perfect match for the GXC350.
Agreed. That was my point when they introduced the new Silver series. The Gold GXC350 center is better than the GXC150 because of the midrange. (I own both). Plus it just better sonically matches the towers with the midrange. A better center is the Silver's only weakness. Monitor Audio needs to do it.
Funny you should mention that. I own both Gold GX centers. The GXC150 is with my GX100 setup and the GXC350 is with my GX300 towers for the main home theater. The GXC350 is worth it. Better midrange and dynamics and of course bass. Same beautiful tweeter. Worth owning the GXC350 is you have GX200 or GX300 towers to match on the midrange / tweeter setup.
The RX1's midrange/woofer driver is just sublime. The midrange is what drew me to that speaker. I say go Silver RX1. As for bigger desktop / bookshelf speakers I now run a Gold GX100 where that RX1 used to be.
There are also port plugs that come with the RX1's. Plus you could go 2.1 and get a subwoofer and cross over everything from 80Hz down to the subwoofer. That would help with any possible boominess.
Can you take a picture of this where they would be going? I've owned the RX1's, they sound fantastic.
All I can say is that the sound of the GX300 / GXC350 is worth it. Others have described the sound qualities and I pretty much have to agree with them. The detail, the air, the sold bass and imaging are great. This system shines best with HD audio. Blu-ray concerts and movies just put a grin on my face all the time. It can go loud when needed yet the sound can be delicate. Subtle details are just there. Even my wife who couldn't care about the subtle stuff has even...
Calibrations have worked with my Sunfire Cinema Grand 200x5 amplifier and various Polk Audio, Definitive Technology and Monitor Audio Speakers over the years for me. Current batch are all Monitor Audio Gold GX300 towers with a GXC350 center. Subwoofer has always been my Velodyne F-1800R II also connected to my Integra via XLR.
Somewhere between 50-60 hours on my set I watched Man of Steel which has black bars top and bottom and I was on screen fit. No permanent bars left behind, just a great picture. Stop worrying and watch whatever you want. The TV will do fine.
It calibrates on XLR connections. I've done it many times.
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