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I have an Epson 5030 projector paired with a Pioneer Elite SC-75 Receiver. I'm not getting a picture displayed anymore, although the picture will come up for a second or two and then go away. Audio is still working fine but no video. I even took my Darbee out of the chain thinking maybe it was causing an issue and it was still happening. I thought maybe it was my HDMI cable. So I took the HDMI cable that's going from the projector to my Receiver and plugged it directly to...
You guys have been a great help. Once I changed the recommended settings, I was getting DTS-HD MA and no choppy video :-) Thanks for the help Got another question about XBMC. Is there a way to add a tab for TV Shows like I have for movies? I like going into the movie folder and having all the info displayed along with a poster of the movie. Didn't know if there was a way to do that with TV Shows. Thanks
Sorry for being such a newb here but I'm not entirely sure what you're asking. Either way, I've attached some screenshots of what I think you're asking Thanks
Thanks for the tips guys. I've been using XBMC and it's pretty sweet. All my movies show up nicely in the movies section along with the poster and everything. And, I'm even able to use my 360 Controller to navigate through it. I have run into an issue though. Anytime I try to play a movie with DTS Master Audio, it goes in slow motion and is really choppy. If I change the audio from HDMI to Analog, it goes away. I tried uninstalling LAV thinking that it could be interfering...
Im confused. What exactly is LAV doing?
So I downloaded LAV from the link above provided by bryansj. Thanks btw :-) I installed LAV, configured like the instructions said and no change on my receiver. It either says PCM or Stereo. When I was playing the video file through VLC, I checked my task manager and saw that LAV was not running in the background. Should I see that or does it not show up as a background program running?
Can anyone recommend a video playback software that will support both HD sound formats? I've tried with VLC and my receiver never plays anything other than stereo or extended stereo. I have two Nvidia GTX 680 cards and I have the card configured to 7.1 sound through windows sound configuration. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
In the menu, set Signal > 3D Setup > 3D Brightness to "Low". I've been told this will cause the glasses to cycle at a faster rate and reducing ghosting. FWIW, I usually leave mine on medium unless I'm watching a particularly challenging 3D movie. Hope that works for you. Edit: Whups, reading farther, it looks like you already tried that. [/quote] No problem Justin. I appreciate the help :-)
Thanks guys. I actually called Epson this morning and have a new replacement coming next week. I was having issues with focus as well so this was just the icing on the cake. I appreciate the input Edit - Couple things. I tried low, medium and high with pretty much the same results. On my original 5020 and first 5030, I saw almost no ghosting at all and a little crosstalk with medium brightness. That's why I was so shocked to see this on my most recent 5030.Question, how...
That's one of my wife and I's favorite 3d movies to watch One of the most noticeable scenes is the beginning of scene 8 right after the butterfly wakes up Eugene and the horse is standing over him. The horse is dragging his leg and the trees and everything in the background looks blurry and has double images. Almost the whole scene is that way but especially when you see trees. I never noticed this before. Can you check it on yours when you get a chance and let me know?...
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