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My iPod Classic no longer has good enough battery life for what I need it to do. So, I was recently debating whether I should buy another Classic or an iPod touch. My music collection is about 80GB, but I'd have a lot of use for the capability of the Touch in other areas. But, I was concerned about a touch sounding like crap like my iPhone. I figured I'd share my thoughts after not finding much comparison on the internet. Summary is that I got a Touch, and I'm very...
I suspect it's the way ESPN is coding their 5.1 signal. For some reason, not all broadcasts use the center channel. I haven't watched MNF recently in 5.1, since the wife is usually sleeping in the room below. But, in the past, I have not been happy with the mix used by some stations. For these cases, I usually use one of the movie modes. See if that generates the center channel for you. I have B works well for sports. The only real way to test this is to have...
Very good info guys. Thanks for posting it. Bitstreaming was a needed addition. I'm in the camp that doesn't care either way. I have a new receiver that processes and handles whatever nicely. So, I'll stick with my launch model (and dead quiet) 60GB model. But, it's nice to see them add the new HDMI chip for those in need of it. Btw, does the new one handle SACDs? That would be a big negative for me should my current one fail.
The best I've seen are GT5 and Bioshock. I haven't played MGS4. Oh, and let's not forget R&C.
I saw that, but it was still unclear to me if the poster was referring to that or XMB sounds.
I'm a little confused by your comment about "secondary audio" and "menu sounds." Are you asking about the Blu Ray disc menu or the PS3 XMB menu? If you are referring to the BD menu, then I know of no way to turn that off on any player. But, you can turn off the sound the PS3 makes when you scroll through items on the XMB. There is a simple setting that doggles to off.
My friend has an ARCAM receiver, and it doesn't support any audio over HDMI. I'm not sure which model his is, but are you sure yours supports HDMI 1.3? His is only 1.0.
What's the model of receiver you're trying to connect it to?
Let me see what I can do tomorrow.
Okay, so I ran a series of tests this evening. First, I set the PS3 up for HDMI to the receiver. Turned the receiver to that input and turned the volume up with nothing playing. I started to get a noticeable (but not loud) white noise sound around -5.0. At around 0 the noise was as loud as my PS3 fan on low speed. My speakers can't handle playing anything at that volume, so I've never been that high. Second, I tried playing something through optical and analog...
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